How to Create a Niche Plumber Resource Blog


    Ever wanted to create an online resource or blog that would offer your audience a lot of value but also make some money in the process?

    If so, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to find a niche market that is small enough to break into local markets while having enough people searching for the topic on a daily basis.

    In this example, “plumbing” is a perfect niche market to enter … and there are a number of reasons why it might be:

    • Plumbers are needed in all economies, no matter what
    • It is a specialized skill and necessary in all local markets
    • People are always looking for how-to articles online
    • New people are looking for a training / job

    With all of these factors, you can get a good idea of ​​whether or not it is a good niche focus. We’ll get into this further as we work through the article.

    Find out what people are looking for

    With all of the topics listed above, you can plan how you want to build your site. You can choose a niche website that covers everything related to plumbing, or you can take a specific action or task such as: B. “How do I find a plumber near you?”

    Another good idea would be to create a website that also has resources for plumbers. This can be anything from supplies to work information to plumber insurance – which pretty much any plumber would need.

    And if you were to pick any of these niche topics and zones even deeper, it would make your website even more relevant and set up for better monetization. For example, here are a few topics you might consider if your site was only about “Plumber insurance“:

    • General liability
    • building
    • Property coverage
    • Car insurance
    • Workers compensation
    • Tool cover

    Regardless of what topic you’re looking for, it’s important to make sure that all of your site information is clear and provides value – this will be helpful later in the advertising process.

    Make money with Google Adsense or affiliate marketing

    When it comes to monetizing your website, you have several options.

    The easiest will be Google Adsense. With this method, you simply join the Adsense program and place some lines of code on your website. Ads are served by Google. You would then earn a commission on every click, and most of them should be plumber related.

    Your second option is affiliate marketing, which works very well with plumber insurance leads or inventory sales. A great way to explore your options with affiliate marketing is to see what lead generation programs are out there, or even link to different products offered by Amazon.

    While monetizing your website will always be a big focus, it is important to focus on your content and get traffic to the website first.

    Promote your website and build your SEO

    With traffic, your site is just another site on the internet that is consuming disk space. This means that not only must you have great content, but you also need to have some social media activity and backlinks coming to your website.

    Backlinks from other websites really help your website rank in Google. Some of the best ways to get such backlinks and references from other websites are:

    • Create your own plumber resource guides
    • Interview plumbers and put together their tips and information
    • Create plumber top lists to find resources
    • Write content around the best plumber videos on YouTube
    • Guest post on other related sites and link back to yours
    • Create a quick infographic that other websites can refer to

    To learn more about what keywords to track and ask for, we recommend using a tool like Zutrix because you can set up a free account and start tracking keywords and rankings for your website right away.

    Tips for Building a Successful Plumbing Resource Website

    As you can see, there are many things that you need to create a successful plumbing resource blog.

    It starts with the formation and planning process, then with your content, your marketing and your monetization.

    If there are enough of these elements, you might see some high listings on Google that can send a few thousand visitors to your website every month – and as the traffic increases, so does the revenue and further monetization.

    If you’re looking to get started with your own niche-specific resource page (and not in the plumbing sector) be sure to read through all of the recommendations above and then apply them to your own niche topic or market.


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