How to evaluate investments with cash-on-cash-return


    How to evaluate investments with cash-on-cash-return

    I often get this question, what’s the best way to value an investment?

    On our Facebook group Passive Income Docs, we’ve talked about many potential ways to value investments, one of which is the cash-on-cash rate of return (CoC).

    Now let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

    • What is cash on cash return?
    • How do you calculate cash on cash returns?
    • Strengths and weaknesses of cash on cash return
    • Should only use cash when returning cash

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    Here’s a breakdown of how this episode played out …


    Nothing is more exciting to me than getting this deposit into your bank account. That’s because you have that passive income with cash.


    Returns often correlate with risk. There is no free lunch. As the risk increases, your return potential usually increases. And since the risk is a little lower, your return potential usually goes down.

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