How to get empty beer kegs for free


    How to get empty beer kegs for free

    Beer kegs are useful for many things, from storing your latest batch of homebrew to building cool flower pots and even furniture. Beer kegs are cool, so cool you wonder how to get empty beer kegs for free. Well there is a problem. The same reason you want beer kegs for free is the same reason people don’t actually give them away. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can get hold of empty beer kegs and, with a bit of luck, maybe even get one for free.

    The easiest way to get hold of empty beer kegs

    The easiest way to get empty beer kegs is to buy them. This goes for all shapes and sizes, whether you want a small two-gallon keg for the new beer tap you’ve installed in your house or a couple of 15-gallon kegs to get your homebrew business going .

    Many online home breweries have kegs for sale such as: Beverage factorybut these high quality barrels are not cheap. A small one to two and a half liter home brewing keg costs about $ 100, while larger five-gallon kegs cost more than $ 200. On the commercial side, prices aren’t much better as larger sizes are offered at relatively the same price but require professional equipment to be used properly.

    There are cheaper ways to get beer kegs online from retailers like. to buy Ebay. Here you can find all types of kegs at much cheaper prices. eBay kegs are definitely cheaper because they’re used and most likely came from someone who didn’t bring them back to the store. When you go to your local liquor store to buy a keg for a party, you are not buying the jar but the beer in it.

    The store usually charges a deposit on the keg on top of the beer price. This is an incentive for you to return it. So essentially you rent a keg with beer in it. Once the drinks are consumed, return the keg and receive your $ 30 or any amount back.

    How to get empty beer kegs for free

    Getting your hands on a free beer keg is actually a lot harder than it sounds. For all of the reasons above, barrels aren’t cheap and people want them. There are a few places you can look for free kegs, but mostly blind luck will come down to it.

    The best place to start your search for a free keg is none other than the internet flea market Craigslist. You can find everything, including beer kegs, on Craig’s list of random goods and services. One cool thing about Craigslist is that when you go to the website it automatically filters out what city you are in so you can start finding things near you. Within moments of starting my search, I found an antique whiskey barrel that I never knew I needed. So try to stick with it because it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole.

    As a last resort, if you don’t have a beer keg, you can call your local junkyard and see if they have any. You should only go this route if you plan to use the keg for a project rather than real beer. I say this because only God knows what the barrel went through before it hit the junkyard.

    The road to the junkyard could be completely broke depending on what state you live in. Some states like California have laws making it illegal to sell barrels to junk yards. On the other hand, some states have no laws on the subject. So do some research before your local metals recycler thinks you are a criminal.

    Hopefully this article has helped you in your search for empty beer kegs. If you’re interested in more savings tips from Clever Dude, read our section below.

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