How To Make Money On Steam – A 4 Step Plan


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    Most people head to Steam after a long day to relax with a game of PUBG or to hang out with their friends. You might think that only professional game developers can use the platform as a source of income, but there are a few legitimate methods the average gamer can use to make money on Steam.

    Earning money on Steam requires a lot of patience and a certain entrepreneurial skill when buying and selling on the platform’s community market. However, if you are an avid gamer who devotes a lot of time to your hobby, you can stay one step ahead of the competition by making the most of your downtime.

    What is steam

    Steam was founded in 2003 by the American games company Valve and is a digital video game platform with over 47 million daily users and around 150 million users in total. It was originally created to provide updates and fix bugs in Valve games.

    Since then, Steam has grown into a diverse community. There are quite a number of things to do on the platform aside from playing games, although this is still a classic use! You can chat with other players, discuss games in forums, view your friends’ gameplay, and distribute games as a developer.

    Your Steam Wallet and the Steam Community Market are critical to making money. You can use the funds in your wallet to buy games, in-game items and other goods in the market. You cannot withdraw this money to your bank account, but the more you save there, the less real money you will spend playing. It is a win-win scenario that will help you save money while enjoying your hobby to the fullest.

    To help you get the most out of the largest digital distribution platform for PC games, here are some ideas on how to make money on Steam.

    1. Collect trading cards

    Most games hand out Steam trading cards as rewards for consistent gameplay. You are likely to be dealt two to three cards per session, with the first arriving after 15 minutes and a second ending in a game after about two hours.

    The value of the cards ranges from pennies to a few dollars, although the more expensive ones are less common. It might not sound like much, but if you’re an avid gamer who delves into twenty or more games, your trading card collection will grow organically.

    You may even get rare trading cards with a special foil frame known as foil trading cards. These are collectibles that players use to make a foil badge, so they are often in high demand. Foil cards can be worth ten times the price of a regular card, and have grossed $ 1,000 in the market!

    Keep these tips in mind as you build your map book:

    • Games will notify you of how many card drops are left so make sure you get them all.
    • You may receive a three card booster pack once you’ve collected all of the cards for a single game.
    • Trading cards from a new game are more valuable, so try playing new games quite often.
    • You can use Steam Idle Master to automate gameplay and trading card dropping.

    Once you have your cards you can automate the selling process with the help of a browser extension like Augmented Steam. The quick sale feature puts your cards on the market at $ 0.01 off the lowest list price, which means your card will sell first.

    2. Sell in-game items

    Popular games like Dota 2 and CS: GO drop items in addition to trading cards during the game. These are often cosmetic items such as new armor, character models, decals, and weapon skins. Items are stored in your inventory and prices can range from $ 0.10 to $ 1,000 depending on rarity.

    Don’t worry if you can’t land a rare item! You can make money on common items with a little business acumen. The Steam Community Market is similar to the real stock market in that item prices change based on demand and supply. As the player base of a game increases, the number of items also decreases. This increases the supply and lowers the prices. Try to monitor these fluctuations and sell if your items are less common or in higher demand.

    Alternatively, you can buy items in the market when supply exceeds demand and wait for demand (and price!) Always check the market value of both sides of an exchange before closing the deal.

    3. Record the pre-order of content

    Part of the appeal of Steam is that it keeps releasing new games! You can pre-order these games before they are officially released. The value of pre-ordered content typically increases over time for the following reasons:

    • Pre-order content often includes exclusive in-game items (such as armor, skins, and decals).
    • Most pre-order content will no longer be available for purchase in-game after the game is officially launched.
    • Fewer people have pre-ordered content than regular content, so demand outweighs supply.

    Stocking up on pre-order content has proven to be an extremely lucrative method, with some exclusive pre-order items bringing in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the market when the game is released.

    Take the case of the Playerunknown cosmetic kit – users who pre-ordered PUBG received this kit as a giveaway along with the game. The set now sells in the market for a whopping $ 1,400, despite the fact that the pre-order game is only $ 30.

    It is best to hold on to pre-order content until the new game gains a certain level of awareness, or at least until it is officially released.

    4. Sell cosmetic boxes

    Cosmetic boxes contain a number of in-game items, some of which can be very rare. You can get cosmetic crates through gameplay, but crate drops tend to be less common than trading card or item drops – CS: GO drops them twice a week, for example.

    Cosmetic boxes sell for a few dollars each on the Steam Community Market. It is better to organically sell the cosmetic boxes you receive instead of buying and selling them in the market because trading is a risky business:

    • You don’t know what the Aiming Box contains, so you can’t be sure if it contains any rare items.
    • The chances of getting a rare item in a box are pretty slim. For example, the PUBG Biker Crate sells for $ 0.50, but the chance that you will get the $ 150 cloth mask is only 0.01%.
    • If you save the money you make selling dropped boxes, you will be able to purchase a cosmetic item or a new game sooner rather than later.

    So there you have it, four ideas on how to make money on Steam. Let us know how you are!

    Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore the information contained herein, including any opinions, comments, suggestions or strategies, is for information, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be viewed as financial advice. Anyone considering investing should do their own due diligence.


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