How to manage and save money without a budget


    Take a look at how you do banking

    Check out the banking services that are available to you – these are designed to help you manage your money and save more money.

    Check out the promotional offers

    As the financial services industry has become increasingly competitive, banks have started offering promotions aimed at attracting new customers. And some are incredibly lucrative. Take the current HSBC offer, for example, where you can get up to $ 1,500 back when you open an account. Receive a bonus for opening an account (up to $ 350 if you apply online), plus additional incentives for setting up payroll or pre-authorized direct debit, making online bill payments, sending foreign currency transfers, and more.

    Bundle your banking services

    Just like cable, phone, and insurance companies, banks can save you money by bundling services and products. Finance packages come in various combinations, e.g. B. as premium accounts that contain many functions and products for a fixed monthly fee. And family packages allow you and your family members to enjoy rewards with a multi-member account. With the current HSBC promotion for a current account bundled with the HSBC World Elite Mastercard, you can collect up to 100,000 points and there is no annual fee for the main cardholder in the first year.

    Opt for fee-free banking services

    You can cut banking fees completely by choosing a no-fee account. There are numerous banks and other financial institutions that offer no fee accounts for everyday banking operations such as Interac e-Transfer transactions, bill payments, point-of-purchase payments, and more. For example, HSBC has a portfolio of checking accounts that waive monthly fees for those who meet eligibility requirements. This can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

    Personalize your bank account

    Even if you choose not to make any changes to your bank or accounts, you can still cut your expenses. Most banks charge paper transactions, so you can save money by opting for electronic statements instead. If you are a student or senior, ask your bank about special accounts as there are often toll-free or toll-free alternatives for these groups.

    Check out how to pay your bills

    Bills, bills, bills. Everyone has them, but not everyone knows how to manage them. Read on for strategies to keep your expenses down.

    Ask about annual payments

    Some service providers offer a discount if you pay your annual fees at a flat rate. If you can make a one-time payment, it is worth asking for details.

    Set up automatic payments to avoid late fees

    If you’ve ever made a mistake and forgot to pay a bill, you know how easy it can be. Paperless statements can make the problem worse, especially for those who are used to keeping track of paper invoice due dates. You can avoid the hassle and cost of missing a bill payment by setting up automatic payments through your account.


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