How to post a job online: Update 2022


    Are you ready to hire more employees? Once you’ve figured out your budget and the roles to be filled, it’s time to include candidates. But if you’ve never posted a job – or don’t know how to post a job, it can be confusing.

    How do you know where to start? What are the best job boards to post jobs? Which job details must be included in the job advertisement? How can you make sure your job ad gets the most views from qualified candidates? We have created a step-by-step guide to help you post a job and hire new team members with ease.

    1. Choose a job board based on your needs

    Different job boards serve different purposes. So, think about what you’re looking for before even posting a job posting.

    Do you need hourly workers or do you have a focus on manual labor? Craigslist might be the best option for you. Are you a Fortune 500 company with a whole team of talent specialists dedicated to the hiring process? Which website you use may not matter.

    Small business owner and need more help attracting applicants? Job boards with more features to make hiring easier can help you find qualified applicants without overwhelming your existing employees.

    If you have a niche job posting or want a leaner job board where you can post your job vacancies, ZipRecruiter possibly the best option for your business. It uses artificial intelligence to create job advertisements, find quality candidates, and manage the introduction and hiring process from start to finish.

    2. Write a great job description and title

    Once you know which position to hire first, you need to attract the best candidates to potentially fill them. The first course of action is to make sure the job title and description match the qualities you are looking for – and of course include the keywords that job seekers enter into job search engines.

    Make sure your job details are clear and concise, and that you highlight your company culture and the benefits offered. The more details you bring into the everyday life of this future employee, the better. If the job posting doesn’t match the job itself, you run the risk of future employee turnover.

    When writing a job description, there is a lot to consider and important details can easily be overlooked – after all, there is a lot to include! A website like ZipRecruiter has developed a feature that simplifies this job posting process – sample templates. Thousands of pre-made job description templates are available to help you cover all of the features required for a job posting.

    3. Establish guidelines for the application

    You can streamline your hiring process by adding multi-choice questions to your open job postings. In addition to uploading their résumé and adding their personal information, applicants can fill out screening questions to help hiring managers narrow down the pool of applicants.

    4. Publish the job

    Once you’ve filled in the details of your job posting, it’s time to post the job. Most job boards require a membership that starts with a single job posting and increases prices if you want to have multiple job postings live at the same time. Sometimes this means paying 30 days for a single job posting at a time.

    With ZipRecruiter, you can exchange job advertisements with your monthly membership when they are filled – regardless of whether you have reached your 30 days or not. For a flat fee, you can advertise one position after the other without having to worry about positions that are already filled.

    5. Imagine more job seekers

    Once you’ve written the perfect job description and have your future dream employee in mind, you can use two functions of ZipRecruiter to draw more attention to your job postings:

    First, ZipRecruiter will syndicate your job posting to more than 100 different job boards to ensure that as many interested candidates as possible can see your job posting and apply for the position.

    Next, sponsored job advertisements can present your job postings to more qualified candidates. For a small additional fee, recruiters and hiring managers can use ZipRecruiter’s sponsored job listing feature to get more applications.

    6. Take advantage of a free trial

    Most job search engines, from Monster to Indeed to ZipRecruiter, offer a free trial so you can get the hang of posting a job. It’s a risk-free way to test a job site before committing to a membership fee.

    ZipRecruiter offers a four-day free trial before signing up for a monthly membership. There are different levels, starting with a single job posting and then moving on. Even if you get the lowest subscription, you can swap out any job posting for a new one as it fills. Some websites require you to post job vacancies in 30-day increments, however ZipRecruiter does not lock you up.


    Figuring out how to get a job posted online doesn’t have to be complicated, but we hope you found this article helpful. There are many tools out there to help you streamline the process and make your job easier. Make sure you focus on what’s most important: a clear and concise job description and presenting your vacancies to the right applicants.

    Now that you know how to post a job online and find qualified applicants, which position in your company will you fill first?

    Kari Faber is a writer for The Penny Hoarder.

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