How to Run a Successful Ecommerce Website Promotion Campaign


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You can’t have a successful ecommerce website if you don’t advertise or if your advertising campaigns aren’t very good. Unfortunately, an ecommerce website is not like an ordinary website. You need a lot of traffic to get a good ROI and it has to be very targeted traffic too.

Because of this, some people fail with their ecommerce website thinking that the reason was something like market conditions or that, among other things, they did not have the right manufacturer. The reality is probably more likely that their advertisements weren’t working properly.

How do you run a successful advertising campaign that will bring you lots of customers and revenue? In this article, we’re going to cover a few things to keep in mind when starting your advertising.

Analyze your data

If you’ve been advertising for at least a few months, you surely have some data gained from the conversions and traffic on your website. And that data is a gold mine, even if your ad metrics aren’t looking great right now.

If you have an ecommerce expert like Bing Digital with access to this data, you can paint a very detailed picture of what is going wrong. With this data, you can then find the right strategy that works for you on the next campaign.

You may find that your keywords are too short and that you need long-tail keywords that are generating the right traffic. Or it just points to the weak link in your funnel and shows you that your landing page is not converting and the ads are not the problem.

Target the right audience

If your click through rate is very low, it can signal that you are targeting the wrong people. Your audience will click through to your website if they are who you are actually looking for. You can’t even convert there, but that’s another story.

You need to find out who is the most likely person who will want what you are selling. If you haven’t started promoting it already, do market research to see if the person you think might be interested in your product is actually theirs. Once you have some information, you can create an ideal customer avatar and then market it more effectively.

Once you find the right goal, you will see your click-through rate increase and hopefully your conversions as well.

Make sure your landing page is up to date

Your ads may be working just fine and doing a great job. However, your conversions are low and result in a low ROI on these ads. If your landing page isn’t optimized for conversions, it doesn’t matter how good your ads are. People click and then leave your website.

Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate, has a clear call to action, and people know exactly what they are getting by buying or signing up for an email. Your sales page should be easy to figure out for the same reason. This helps people understand exactly what is on offer and why they should buy. Use concise and clear language for your copy and your conversions will increase.

When running multiple PPC campaigns for different keywords, it is helpful to have a separate landing page for each keyboard. This will give you much higher conversion rates and the subscribers will stay subscribed longer. Each keyword has different user intent and motivations for clicking. Having a landing page tailored to their expectations will ensure that they get into your funnel as they feel like they are getting something helpful rather than general for their specific search query.

Find an influencer

There’s a reason influencers make so much money these days. That’s because their social media and YouTube followers trust them and follow their recommendations. In fact, these types of product recommendations are more effective than celebrity use.

Celebrities are not viewed as someone who understands the needs of the normal person for whom these products are intended. Look for an influencer who is a good fit with your product.

Fortunately, there’s someone out there who has a following on just about every topic imaginable, from beauty products to automotive tools. It’s just about finding the right person who you think will best represent your product.

You can set up a sponsored post where you pay them to get your product featured in one of their posts or videos. Or you can exchange a free product for something in return.


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