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    I’m obsessed with printing digital wall art on Etsy, so it’s only natural for me to consider selling my own wall art designs on Etsy. From nursery murals to seasonal decorations to bathroom decorations and office decorations, there are so many people looking for murals on Etsy.

    Daily shoppers visit Etsy in search of anything and everything under the sun. The online marketplace is home to furniture, clothing, toys, and more. They call it; You can find it on Etsy.

    For people looking to start their own Etsy shop, the variety of items sold in the marketplace can make choosing a product daunting. If you think digital wall art is your Etsy niche, read on. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, I have dozens of other ideas to choose from in my post on Best Etsy Shop Ideas for 2022.

    What is digital wall art?

    There are many definitions of digital wall art, but in the case of Etsy, digital wall art is art that buyers can download and then print themselves.

    If you search for digital wall art on Etsy, you will find different types of art. Some are as simple as inspirational quotes. Some require a little more artistic skill, such as photography or hand-painted or hand-drawn pictures.

    All of these items can be converted to digital files and then sold on Etsy.

    Benefits of digital wall art

    The reason buyers like digital wall art is because they can find images and art that appeal to their personalities without paying outrageous sums of money. Most of the digital murals sold on Etsy cost less than $ 10.

    A buyer can purchase the digital file and then customize the art for their home. You can choose the print size – large or small – to suit the space you want to decorate. In addition, they can also choose a frame for the print that suits their style.

    After downloading the file, the buyer can print the murals at Staples, Walmart, or any other major chain store for a discounted amount. Then frame and hang it up and it looks great!

    Digital wall art enables a buyer to create art to their specifications.

    For sellers, digital wall art offers a form of passive income. A seller needs to create the art and then upload the file. After that, every sale made is money in the seller’s pocket.

    The seller doesn’t have to worry about filling out an order, packing an item, or shipping it. In addition, the seller does not need to claim any physical space for the inventory.

    How to make digital wall prints

    If you want to sell digital art, you need to decide what type of digital wall art you want to create. If you are an artist then use your skills to create art in your favorite medium. Once the job is done, you can take a picture or scan the artwork into your computer and continue from there.

    Use Canva

    However, if you are not gifted with artistic talent, don’t give up. A graphic design tool like Canva can be anything you need to start your foray into digital art creation. Canva has design tools you can use to create anything from postcards to posters to letterhead. It’s easy to use, and there are many fonts and designs to choose from to get you started.

    Canva is a perfect tool for creating wall art with inspirational quotes. Learn how to turn inspirational quotes into digital wall art here on the Plan a Healthy Life blog.

    If you are successful with Canva, you may want to upgrade to Canva Pro. Canva Pro gives you even more font and design options. I wrote a review on Canva Pro a while ago. You can find it here.

    Personally, I use Canva Pro, but I started with the Canva free platform. If you use Canva, read the license terms for any clip art you use in their free media agreement.

    If you’re interested in this sideline, I have a free e-book on how to sell artwork on Etsy and make year-round sales that are mentioned here The seasonal product secret.

    How do I get clipart and fonts to print?

    Personally, we prefer to buy cliparts and fonts from Etsy, design bundles or font bundles that have the appropriate commercial use licenses.

    That way, it’s easier for us because we know that what we buy for cute clip art and fonts is OK for commercial use in a print template that we then sell.

    If you are more versed in words than design, WordArt could be your best bet. Paula from Colorful Craft Corner swears by it.

    WordArt is free, but you’ll need to provide your email address to download anything you create. You must also read the terms and conditions in the footer to ensure that you can use this medium to sell on Etsy.

    Create digital wall prints from free digital art

    Another option is to get art from the public domain.

    According to a 2019 Vice article, you wouldn’t be the first to do this.

    “Etsy has thousands of listings for downloadable prints and lithographs in the public domain. The concept is pretty simple: these vendors round up and download the most visually beautiful public domain art, and then create digital files to sell as wall art on Etsy.

    Obtaining art from the public domain is completely legal. That’s because the artwork has existed long enough (like over 100 years in the US) that the copyright has expired. Once a work of art is out of copyright, you don’t need permission from the owner to use the image, and you don’t have to compensate the owner if you make a sale.

    To learn more about the public domain, Copyright Laws provides details here.

    Botanical inspiration seems to work really well in this area.

    Where can I find free digital art

    If you decide to use art in public spaces, there are some great resources to choose from.

    For example, the Library of Congress has a digital collection of photographs, letters, and paintings. Likewise, the New York Public Library has its own digital collection that you can browse for fine art.

    And, oddly enough, the United States Department of Agriculture has a collection of agriculture-themed art that includes images of fruits, vegetables, and more.

    How to scale digital wall art prints

    Once you’ve decided which digital wall art to create, you need to make sure that it is the right size. Remember, you are supplying art, so it must be a high quality image, whether you are printing it yourself or offering it as a digital download on Etsy.

    Christopher from The Self Employed Artist sold a lot of digital art. He says the size of digital art can make a big difference in the way you create your art and sell it later. He has a great chart on his website that shows how many pixels the graphic must make to fit standard print sizes in the US and abroad.

    Remember that the sizes in the table are in pixels, not inches or centimeters.

    We found that Etsy sellers offer digital wall art in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios so that customers can choose what is right for them and their room size. For example, they can offer the digital files in 11 × 14 and 8 × 10.

    Do your research and purchase other digital wall art on Etsy first so you know the best way to package your own files for sale.

    List your digital wall decor on Etsy

    Once you’ve created your digital wall art, it’s ready to be posted on Etsy.

    Step one is to create a shop. This also includes finding a name.

    Then you can start listing your murals. Make sure you have high quality photos for your listing. All of your listings must include detailed instructions, including how to download the digital wall art and how to print it. Print dimensions will be important.

    For detailed information about selling on Etsy, see my post on Selling on Etsy.

    Framed digital art

    So far we’ve talked about selling downloadable digital murals. It’s the easiest and least labor-intensive way to sell digital wall art on Etsy.

    However, there are Etsy sellers who sell and ship digital wall art. Usually this art comes matted and framed for the buyer.

    Some people don’t want to do the job of printing and then framing the digital art they buy. You just want to buy it and hang it up. If you have the skills in framing and matting, selling framed digital art can be a whole new source of income for your Etsy shop.

    You can invest in a good quality printer and make this a bigger sideline for you. You could even sell at craft fairs if you wanted.

    Marketing your Etsy digital art prints

    Whether you’re selling downloadable digital art prints, framed digital art prints, or both, you need to find buyers.

    The best way to market your digital art is to use your SEO search terms intelligently. These are the terms that you include in the tags and titles of your items on Etsy. SEO tells Etsy whether your item meets a buyer’s needs when they fill in information in the search bar.

    SEO isn’t the only way to market your digital art prints, however. You can also use Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

    If you’re serious about selling digital art on Etsy, I recommend investing in a printable class. I’ve made a list of some of the best on the market. You can find it here.

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