How To Start A Blog In India And Make Money


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    Do you want to make money online? Then blogging is the best option for you. Do you want to know how to start a blog in India?

    Yes i know it is you

    Nowadays, people are leaving their full-time jobs and blogging because it’s a stress-free, flexible, and high-paying job that anyone can do.

    If you are an Indian and want to start a blog in India then this article should be followed as I will show you how to start a blog and make money from it.

    This will be a step-by-step guide so you won’t get bored.

    Benefits of Blogging in India

    You might want to know how to start a blog and make money in India, but before you start, you should know what the benefits are.

    Below I mention some of the benefits you can get from blogging in India.

    • Less expensive: If you are on a tight budget don’t worry, you can start a perfect blog on just $ 10.
    • Own work: When doing a 9-5 job, you have to do the same things every day, but blogging can be done anytime.
    • Good amount of money: You can make a lot of money blogging. There are bloggers who earn six figures.
    • Make you famous: As you build a blog on a certain niche and gain popularity, people will get to know you. Other bloggers will invite you to events.
    • Low competition: Blogging is still not very competitive in India. If you are from India believe me that blogging is the best choice for you.

    How to start a blog in India step by step

    To start a blog in India you have to do it differently. Below I am going to tell you step by step how to easily start blogging and making money in India.

    If you have any doubts then use it Contact us page to contact me or use the comments box to ask your doubts.

    Step 1: choose the perfect niche

    Before starting a blog, you need to know your blog niche.

    When we talk about an Indian blogging trip, we have to pick such a niche that is preferable for the Indian audience, right?

    But if you want to start a blog for an international audience, I’ve already published an article about how to start a blog with the best niche.

    How do you choose a perfect niche? When choosing the niche, keep in mind that what you like best doesn’t follow others.

    Below is the best niche for Indian or Indian bloggers.

    • Shayari
    • Bollywood
    • cricket
    • Government professions
    • Dharmic or religious
    • Free things (like charging)
    • Coupons
    • Tips

    You can also write an article on another topic aimed at international audiences, such as:

    • Finances
    • beauty
    • yoga
    • and more.

    If you’re still confused, follow the steps below to check which one is perfect for you.

    How to choose the perfect niche for your blog

    This method may cost you, but I’m sure it will help you choose the right niche for you.

    First step, Buying Semrush or Ahrefs paid plan, I suggest using Group Buy SEO Tools They are up to 95% cheaper. SEOToolAdda is one of the best Group Buy SEO tools out there.

    Second step, Install the KeywordSurfer or WhatsMySerp extension on your browser.

    Third step, Now select each niche individually and use Ahref or Semrush to figure out different title keywords.

    Fourth step, Now go to Google and search for each title or keyword (these extensions need to be installed). You can find DA and PA on every website and appreciate your visit too.

    Fifth step, Check the DA and PA values ​​for each location. If each location has low DA and PA scores, then it is time to write an article about this niche. For example, if the search result contains 20 websites and the first 10 websites have a DA or PA greater than 50, leave this keyword alone. If the websites DA and PA are less than 20 or anytime 30, then you can choose this keyword.

    I am going to publish another article on how to choose a niche for bloggers where I explain how to choose a niche.

    Step 2: Buy domain and hosting

    This step could be difficult for someone.

    You need to choose such a domain name that is related to your niche. For example, publishes an article on Make Money Online that includes Work Money itself.

    The domain name is quite long but easy to remember. When choosing a domain name, you should consider the following points.

    • The domain name should be small
    • The domain name should refer to a niche
    • It has to be easy to remember
    • Always prefer .com

    Now that you’ve decided which domain name to buy, it’s time to choose hosting.

    There are many hosting providers there.

    I have already published an article on the list of Best 10 web hosting service providers.

    Before you go for web hosting, check the following points.

    • Check if the web hosting has an Indian server or not.
    • Compare prices
    • Compare database
    • Check if you can add more subdomains or not
    • Compare the storage space.

    Below are the best Indian blogger hosting companies.



    Godaddy can be an option, but the prices are high and not beginner friendly.

    Note:– You can get the domain name you buy web hosting from.

    Step 3: Choose Blogging Platform

    There are many blogging platforms that you can choose from.

    But I prefer WordPress and I always suggest using WordPress because it’s easy to use and SEO friendly. And of course it’s free too.

    There isn’t much to say in this step. Here you can find List of blogging platform If you want to check out the best blogging platforms.

    Step 4: get the theme for your website

    There are free and paid themes.

    I suggest to use ThemeForest Platform to get themes for WordPress. I use Divi Subject that is simple and clean subject.

    Choose a topic according to your niche. If your niche is love or shayari, pick a theme that fits that category. If it’s sports then go with a sports related topic. At the ThemeForest You can find all kinds of topics.

    Divi is available for free and also has a paid version. For beginners, Divi is the best theme as it is free and one of the fastest themes.

    Check the speed of the theme before using it. Also, check to see if any topics are SEO optimized or not. GTMetrix is ​​the best tool for checking the loading speed of topics.

    Don’t forget to adapt your theme to suit your needs.

    Step 5: Complete the blog setup

    After installing the theme, you need to add various mandatory pages like “About Me”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy & Policy” and so on.

    These pages will help you rank better on Google.

    Also, don’t forget to create a custom logo for your blog. Add your social media profile links to your blog.

    Step 6: Install the required plugins

    There are some plugins that every blogger must have installed and used on their websites. Blogging in India can be easier with these plugins.

    Below are some of the best plugins that you should install right now: Yoast SEO, affiliate plugins, notification senders, social media sharing, or any other plugins that you think you need to use on your blog.

    You should check out the list of Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins.

    Step 7: start writing articles

    Writing articles is not difficult. Write what you think, absorb, explore, and feel. You don’t have to add anything extra. Users prefer to read simple blogs rather than professionally written, hard-to-understand articles.

    Do keyword research before writing an article.

    Follow these steps to write an article.

    Add keywords: Try to add a sufficient number of keywords. Use plugins like YoastSEO to know how many keywords are enough.

    Find keywords: This is the first step before writing an article. Make a list of keywords that you should use in your article. As mentioned above, Group Buy SEO tools can help you use Ahref or Semrush tools to find keywords in the cheap rate.

    Find long tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are keywords that contain 4 or more words.

    Add images with alt tags: It is very important to add alt tags to your images.

    Add internal links: Internal links are the best way to get free backlinks.

    External links: It is also very important to include external links in your article.

    Step 8: add Robots.TXT and sitemap

    There are many plugins that you can use to add sitemap and robots.txt. If you are using YoastSEO you will be given the option to use Sitemape.

    Don’t block Google Bot. Otherwise your article will not be indexed.


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