I bought Hershey for Valentines


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I bought Hershey for Valentines

I know that you read this title and wondered what on earth I did this time. Yeah, I admit I can be kind of a hot mess at times when it comes to finances. But this time it’s not me and frankly it’s not real money this time.

Princess attends and loves business class in high school. In fact, as we discussed her college plans today, she said, «Maybe I’ll get an economics degree.» My jaw dropped. But I kept my reaction to myself …

For some time she has been wavering between some kind of technology and broadcasting.

As the conversation continued to share what they were doing in class … studying stocks. And that’s where «I bought some Hersheys because Valentines is coming … and then I’ll stop right after» came into play.

Even I know that the stock market is not that simple. And I am sure that she will learn a lot more as the semester progresses. But it was really great to see how her eyes lit up. And hear how she connected the dots.

I had similar conversations with Turner recently. Not so much about the stock market, but about how shutting down the pipeline will affect way more than just the pipeline and those jobs. All he had heard was how bad the pipeline was for the environment. He hadn’t even considered the tasks involved, energy independence or dependency depending on your perspective and all the other products and by-products and so on.

This mother has to read something to keep up with the kids now. But wouldn’t it be a strange turn for my daughter to become an economist? I can’t tell she got this from me, can I?

In financial terms, I have explored a few investment opportunities for both myself and Princess’ savings accounts. Has anyone heard of 1st Franklin Financial? You have investments from a term of 6 months. My uncle and father both invested in them and can only recommend them. I would like to hear your thoughts.

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