Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca are put back on the “amber” list under the new travel restrictions


    Other changes announced today by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, all of which will also apply from 4 a.m. on Monday 19 July, will apply to those arriving in England, Scotland and Wales (it is not yet clear whether Northern Ireland will follow this example will follow):

    • The British Virgin Islands is moved from the green to the yellow list.
    • Bulgaria and Hong Kongthat are both currently on the yellow list will be added to the green list.
    • Croatia and Taiwan, currently also amber, will be added to the green ‘watchlist’ which means they will turn green but in danger of switching to amber.
    • Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone is moved from the yellow list to the red list.

    Ministers say the steps are based on the latest data and analysis from the Joint Biosecurity Center and other public health factors. The rate of coronavirus cases in the Balearic Islands has more than doubled since the last traffic light check.

    The move comes as the quarantine will be lifted starting next Monday (July 19) for holidaymakers who are fully vaccinated or under 18 who are returning to England, Scotland and Wales from amber list countries (we don’t know anything about Northern Ireland yet) . For more information on how the traffic light system works and the restrictions that apply to each category, see our guide to coronavirus travel rights.

    In international travel, traffic lights are of course only half the battle, because they only determine the rules for your return journey. The other big question is whether the country you are going to travel to will allow you to enter. For example, the Malta Green List lets in under 12s and those who have been vaccinated twice, but that means if you have 12-17 year olds that the UK does not vaccinate, they cannot leave. You can find further help in our list of entry requirements for the major holiday countries.


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