Iceland is giving away free food to online shoppers


    To avoid food waste, Iceland is giving away groceries to customers who shop online on the last day of the shelf life.

    Iceland store

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    The only problem with online shopping is that you can’t get bargains with “yellow stickers”, but Iceland is changing that!

    Approximately 1.3 million items valued at around £ 500,000 per year are distributed free of charge to Icelandic online delivery customers.

    In this way, the frozen supermarket reduces food waste, but it also saves shoppers money by getting groceries for free.

    This is how the new one works Free on the last day of life initiative works.

    Iceland free on the last day of life

    Delivery to Iceland

    When you shop online at Iceland, all items you order usually have a shelf life of at least two days.

    That was their standard policy for all of their fresh produce.

    However with that Free on the Last Day of Life initiative, buyers receive food for free, which is on the last day of the best-before date.

    As a customer, you don’t have to do anything differently.

    When Iceland picks up your online order and the product you want only has one day left, it will be scanned and packaged as usual.

    However, you don’t pay for this food.

    Before delivery, you will be informed that you will receive the item for free.

    The rule under the free food regulation applies to all chilled, fresh cakes, breads and morning products.

    All 1,000 supermarket locations are following this new food waste initiative, which gives the average shopper a refund of £ 1.58 per order during the test.

    Iceland Foods General Manager Richard Walker said:

    “Reducing food waste is a major priority for us as we continue to reduce our impact on the environment.

    “We know shelf life is a big part of creating excess food, so we’ve found an innovative way to combat this in our stores and through our online purchases.

    “Our Free on Last Day of Life program not only helps reduce food waste, it also supports our customers.

    “We know that cost is critical to many of our shoppers, and this new initiative enables us to give them the opportunity to cut their weekly shopping bills and help reduce food waste.”

    Is there something wrong with that?

    It’s great that the supermarket is looking for new ways to avoid food waste, but potential food waste has effectively passed on to us as customers.

    Instead of having a product that stays fresh for a few more days, we now have an item at the end of its shelf life (best before date).

    Yes, the best before that is just a guide, but it does mean buyers may have to go to the store again to purchase something fresher or to use the freezer room.

    Buy cheaper

    Iceland is already on the list of cheapest online supermarkets as you get free delivery on orders over £ 40.

    Plus, you can usually get next day delivery as standard (while other supermarkets may be closer to £ 6 for the same service).

    If you are planning a shop in Iceland, new customers can get £ 5 off £ 45. Use the promotional code ICEFIVEOFF.

    Other food waste initiatives

    If you’re looking to reduce food waste or shop for cheaper, there are plenty of quick wins out there:

    Shopping in the store? Here are the supermarket cut-off times

    Use the Too Good To Go app to get very cheap food

    Try the Olio food sharing app which can help you get free or very cheap groceries from your community

    Do other supermarkets give away free groceries shortly before their use-by date?

    We have been made aware by our community that Waitrose has been offering a similar service for a number of years. Morrisons has also been reported to be giving away free food.

    Will this initiative stop the “yellow stickers”?

    This is unlikely to stop people from getting discounted groceries in the store. The store will not know if someone is ordering the food online or if there is not enough stock, so they will reduce the groceries near consumption or, preferably, before that.

    How else can I get free food?

    There are many ways to get free groceries from supermarkets, cafes, stores, and more.

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