If you forget books!


    I was so proud to be prepared for Princess College classes this month. It’s slated for the end of this week, January 14th to be precise. Knowing what the last semester was for (almost $ 4,000), I saved everything last fall to be ready for this semester. Go me I’m ready.

    Then she mentioned: «Oh, mom, for this course, for this price, are you giving us access to the first day of my online access? Should I just take that or should I still check the bookstore and Amazon?«Ah! I completely forgot to add a little extra for the cost of the books. And it takes 16 hours again, so the price of books will probably be about what it was last semester … several hundred dollars.

    I can’t believe I forgot about this cost. * clap your forehead

    Anyway, we’re going to be renting the textbooks from Amazon again, which has saved us a ton of money on books they wouldn’t need anymore. But it’ll thwart my plan for this month by a few hundred dollars. And I’ve reduced my pride in being so prepared by a notch or two. But luckily, unlike in earlier times, it doesn’t cause any financial mess or fear because I can cover it.

    I think I needed this lesson to remind myself how far I had come and how important the details are.

    If her father steps in for tutoring, this could alleviate this mishap. He paid $ 700 for that semester’s tuition. But he has so far been quiet and inactive to contribute for this semester. But I’m prepared either way. Thank you God!

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