IG Wealth Management announces shelf conversion


On or about the same date, the Company also expects to merge the low volatility IG Irish Life Global Equity Fund into the IG Mackenzie Global Fund and the low volatility IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Fund into the IG FI Canadian Equity Fund, if so must be approved by regulators and security holders.

Finally, IG Wealth Management is proposing changes to the investment objectives, strategies, sub-advisors and names of the following classes, subject to regulatory and securityholder approval:


Fund to invest

Fund name

New sub-advisor

Effective Date

IG Irish Life Global Equity Class with low volatility

IG Mackenzie
Global fund

IG Mackenzie Global Class IV

Mackenzie Financial

June 18, 2021

IG Mackenzie Canadian share class with low volatility

IG FI Canadians
Equity funds

IG FI Canadian share class II

Fidelity Investments
Canada ULC

June 18, 2021

IG Aristotle US Small Cap Class

IG Mackenzie US
Opportunities Fund

IG Mackenzie US Opportunities Class II

Mackenzie Financial

June 14, 2021

If applicable, securityholders registered on April 5th will be asked to approve mergers or objective changes to their funds at a virtual meeting on June 3rd.

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