Investors are happier with their annual financial statements, says IFIC


    Mutual fund investors said they were most satisfied with the way their statements included information about returns (91%), followed by whether they received all the information they needed (87%). A little more than four fifths (83%) stated that they were satisfied with the comprehensibility of the statement (83%).

    Among the evaluation criteria, the clarity of the fees paid to the consultancy or dealer company showed the greatest improvement in satisfaction over the past year. However, it was still the area where mutual investors had the least satisfaction (72%), with 12% rating the statements about this measure poorly.

    ETF investors reported increased satisfaction with all indicators. The clarity of fees showed the most significant increase (plus 11%), although respondents were also the least satisfied in this area (68%). ETF investors were most satisfied with the informative value of their statements on returns (87%), followed by the comprehensibility (83%) and satisfaction with the completeness of the information (81%).

    ETF investors were also slightly more likely to take action based on information they read in their statements. Just over a quarter (27%) of ETF investors said they had made a change based on information in their statements.

    “While this is higher than the proportion of mutual fund investors doing the same (22%), it is a slight decrease since last year,” the report said. Of the ETF investors surveyed last year, around a third (34%) said information on their bank statements led them to act.


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