Is it worth investing in homebrewing?


If you walk into a liquor store, you will find an endless number of commercially brewed beers. Dark, light, sour, mass-produced, and handcrafted beers line the shelves at just about any price. Alternatively, beer lovers can brew their own beer at home. Often times it’s cheaper to make something yourself, but is it cheaper to brew your own beer? Is it worth brewing at home?

Depending on the quality of the brewing equipment and the ingredients used, you can brew your own beer at many prices. For this experiment, I’ll be comparing the price of making beer using a highly rated Amazon brewing kit to a popular mainstream beer.

Home Brew Kit

The BrewDemon Craft Beer Brewing Kit contains everything a beer lover needs to make their own beer, including bottles and the ingredients for a batch of beer. The cost of the kit when ordered from Amazon is $ 102 and makes two gallons or 256 ounces of beer. That’s about 39.8 cents an ounce.

This price per ounce is somewhat misleading as it includes the one-time cost of the equipment. The ingredient packages for subsequent two gallon beer batches are $ 24.15, or 9.4 cents per ounce.

price comparison

While searching for a local liquor store on a website, I found a case from Coors Light that was advertised for $ 17.99. A case of beer contains 24, 12 ounce cans for a total of 288 ounces. That corresponds to 6.2 cents per ounce.

Even if you compare the cost of home brewing without the cost of the equipment, it is more expensive than an ordinary mainstream beer. The price difference would be even bigger compared to craft beers. While this home brew kit is highly rated, one can also purchase high quality brewing equipment and ingredients that would make home brewing a lot more expensive.

Conclusion: Making your own beer is NOT cheaper than buying it directly from a retailer.

The case for home brewing

If homebrewers aren’t saving money, why are they? There are many reasons people can brew their own beer at home, including:

  • It is fun: Home brewers find it fun to make beer and then taste the fruits of their labor. It is satisfying to make something that you would normally buy in stores.
  • Quality: Many argue that mass produced commercial beers are of poor quality. Home brewers can make beer that they believe is superior in taste.

Making your own beer is not saving you any money. However, it is a hobby that can bring a lot of joy to you and your friends to make home brewing worthwhile.

How about you, Clever Friends, do you brew your own beer? Do you know anyone who does that?

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