Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Caravan?


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    With international travel being a big no-no right now, more and more of us are choosing to vacation closer to home. From Aberdeen to Cornwall, thousands of people are moving to the UK countryside and coast rather than flying to sunnier areas and risking quarantine when they return. With this in mind, it stands to reason that you may be considering whether the decision to buy a caravan will be a good one in the near future.

    The popularity of caravans has increased in recent months as COVID-19 is likely to affect our vacations well into 2021. No wonder deciding to buy a travel trailer now is a great way to start your journey to explore the good old British Isles.

    Benefits of Buying a Caravan

    When you buy a caravan, you buy freedom

    Caravans have a sad reputation, and many think they’re just for loners or people with too much time. However, they are becoming increasingly popular as people take advantage of the many benefits of owning a trailer!

    • Freedom: You can travel where you want, when you want, without having to rely on planes or train timetables. You also don’t have to spend time waiting in train stations or airports. Doesn’t that sound tempting?
    • Flexibility: Would you like to change your plans at the last minute? Whether it’s the time you’re away or the destination you’re traveling to, sitting in a trailer doesn’t force you to work on someone else’s schedule.
    • At home away from home: A travel trailer allows you to take your most important items and the greatest of comforts at home (Yorkshire Tea, anyone?) With you without sacrificing items due to weight restrictions.
    • Visiting friends: Visiting friends or family with your caravan means you can guarantee your own space without having to book into an expensive hotel or collapsing on the (let’s be honest) probably very uncomfortable sofa. Win win!

    Convinced? Read on for some things to consider when starting out with buying a caravan …

    Tips on buying a caravan

    When it comes to buying a travel trailer, you want to do your research before making a commitment. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for caravans:

    • Consider you second hand. If you are buying a travel trailer, a used vehicle is a good option as it is likely to be Hold its worth much better than a brand new one. You can also get your hands on it faster than a new model.
    • Get the story. If you are going second hand, make sure you have as much history as possible before you commit to buying the trailer. You want to know the exact age, the number of kilometers traveled, as well as the service guarantee, proof of ownership, internal equipment and the latest service. Make sure you get answers to these questions!
    • Buy for Christmas. Really. Dealers are busiest in the spring before the busy summer season, but if you start shopping for caravans in the winter, you have a far better chance of finding a great deal.
    • Calculate your finances. Whenever you are thinking about how much to spend on a travel trailer, there are some calculations you should do to make sure you are getting a good deal. Calculate the cost of the caravan itself versus your usual vacation expenses multiplied by the number of years you are likely to own and the number of vacations you will spend each year. Is this caravan a worthwhile investment? Only you can know the answer.
    • Consider your options. How big should your caravan be? Do you want more space so that you can take other family members with you? Would you rather buy a static caravan in a place you already know well than one that you bring to several different places? Make sure to ask yourself all of these questions.
    • Consider popular models. Yes, they may look like everyone else. But there’s a reason mid-range models are popular. Choose a trailer with popular attraction and you are less likely to have trouble swapping parts if something goes wrong.

    Travel with your caravan or motor home

    Made the decision to buy a caravan? Large!

    Now that you are a proud trailer owner, you want some tips on how to maximize your trips. As always, we’re here to help.

    • Plan your stops. Are you planning a long trip? Why not split up the driving and find a place to stay? A quick google can build up a plethora of campsites for you to stay overnight and potentially meet other trailer owners along the way.
    • Be careful with your weight. If you overfill your caravan, you may be using more gasoline than you would like. The lighter you travel, the easier it will be for your engine to travel. There is more information about Don’t overload your caravan here.
    • Always take a spare wheel with you. There isn’t much more to say about that. It’s just common sense!
    • Check your records. That is, whether you can pull a caravan with your driver’s license and whether you need to take out insurance in case something goes wrong. More about it here.
    • Join the club. For many tips on the best way to travel with your caravan, we encourage you to join them Caravan Club. The club can help you book a website for your caravan, offer travel updates, provide advice on COVID-19, and connect you with other caravan drivers with similar questions. It sounds like a piece of cake to us.

    Did you choose a caravan this year? We’d love to hear your plans. Let us know on the forums.

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