Is the Best Western Rewards Premium Mastercard worth the annual fee?


An annual fee credit card can have perks that outweigh the cost, but it is still important to bill to see if a card is worth the fee. For a sane one $ 89 Fee, the right cardholder will find many ways to do that Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard® its worth it.

Valuable advantages of Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard®

The welcome bonus

The Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard® comes with a pretty achievable and valuable welcome bonus: 80,000 points if you spend $ 3,000 in the first three billing cycles after opening an account, plus 40,000 points if you spend $ 5,000 every 12 billing cycles.

These additional bonus points can be earned every year when you reach the spending threshold indefinitely.

Welcome bonuses can be an attractive way to offset the cost of a credit card. Note, however, that these are one-time events, but the annual fees are recurring.

NerdWallet appreciates a Best Western Point is worth it 0.7 cents. That means your bonus points are worth several hundred dollars, which can make up for a few years of annual fee.

But keep that in mind Best Western rewards does not follow a strict mark-up table. Our 0.7 cents Per point value is a baseline to aim for when redeeming points for free nights.

Points for daily expenses

Earn 2 Best Western Points for every dollar you spend. However, for every dollar you spend on Best Western stays, up to 10 points are paid for every dollar spent.

Assuming you are aiming for the 40,000 annual bonus points by spending $ 5,000 on the card, the 2 points per dollar would add (at least) an additional 10,000 points to your total.

Nerdy tip: For a limited time, you can earn 20 points per dollar spent at Best Western (instead of 10) to deduct your stay from your card. This offer ends April 30, 2021.

You will also earn 10 points per dollar for your stay just because you are a member of Best Western Rewards. Add that to the 10 points from the Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard®and earn 20 points for every dollar spent at Best Western hotels (30 for every dollar during the promotional period above). These points – and their value compared to the annual fee – can add up quickly when you use the card to pay for stays at the Best Western.

Automatic elite status

Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard® Best Western holders automatically receive Platinum Elite status. However, the elite levels of Best Western doesn’t add much value and are negligible compared to the annual fee.

The only real benefit of Platinum Elite status over non-Elite status is the additional 15% bonus points on eligible stays. Instead of the 10 points per dollar that you get as a Best Western Rewards member, you’ll get 11.5.

Extra room discounts – but not really

Best Western states that this card offers a 10% discount when you select the Best Western Rewards rate. However, you do not need this card to receive this discount. All you have to do is be a Best Western Rewards member, which means this benefit doesn’t just apply to the credit card.

The final result

For a Best Western fan, it’s easy to find ways to earn the annual fee for that Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard® it’s worth it given the welcome bonus and the anniversary bonus. There are, however Annual travel cards There is better flexibility, more valuable perks and discounts, and more value for many travelers. That said, if you’re looking to score a ton of Best Western points, having this card in your rotation is easy to justify, especially given the welcome offer.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our tips for that best travel credit cards of 2021including the best for:


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