Jackson Hewitt Tax Software Review 2021


Jackson Hewitt

For years, Jackson Hewitt has made tax returns easy and accessible through Walmart stores. It is also working on making DIY filing easier through the online software.

However, filing the company online is nowhere near as straightforward as filing through a Walmart. This year most users should pass Jackson Hewitt Online. Here’s why.

You can also see how Jackson Hewitt Online compares to the other top tax software this year.

Jackson Hewitt Online
  • Above-average prices for online filing
  • No fringe benefits like exam support or personal review
  • Can be difficult to use for complex filers or investors

Can you submit for free?

Jackson Hewitt Online cut out the free option this year. All users pay $ 49 to submit to Federal + State or $ 25 to submit to Federal only.

An interesting twist is that the $ 49 option includes unlimited state returns. If you work in multiple states this could be a great deal for you.

What’s new in 2021?

This year, the big change from Jackson Hewitt has to do with pricing. All users pay $ 49 for state and state filing or $ 25 for federal filing only. The user interface also has some new improvements that make it a bit easier to navigate.

One thing Jackson Hewitt Online hasn’t changed is the separation of brands. For the most part, Jackson Hewitt’s retail or «personal» brand operates separately from the online brand. Jackson Hewitt’s «Tax Pro From Home» option is being promoted through the more traditional channels.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Software Award

Jackson Hewitt pricing applies to software only. It does not contain any special features such as guarantees for exam support or personal reviews.

Additionally, Jackson Hewitt’s 0% Tax Expectation Loan Options are NOT available to online customers. You have to pay in person to qualify for these loans. Prospective customers should also note that Jackson Hewitt may intend to raise prices closer to the registration deadline, as these prices are referred to as «limited time» on their website.

If you only have a federal tax return

Online navigation

Jackson Hewitt Online appears to be using a white flagged version of the tax software published by Drake Tax Software. This means that it is a more expensive version of the 1040.com software.

Overall, the software offers an intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience. It combines simple questions and drop-down menus to make it easy for users to file efficiently.

However, landlords can have problems with the software. Users need to manually add a schedule E via the search button to input rental income. This makes it a poor choice for users with rental income.

user friendliness

While Jackson Hewitt Online offers easy navigation, it’s not particularly easy to use. It doesn’t offer an obvious way to upload W-2 forms (although the website claims it only applies to certain users). For comparison, it also does not offer the option of uploading taxes from the previous year. Maybe this is a feature expected later in the season, but it’s a disappointment not to get what is advertised. Users should note that 1040.com does not advertise this functionality.

Aside from the requirement to enter all the information yourself, the software is quite easy to use. The inputs required for «depreciation calculators» for corporate assets or other complex tax matters were easy to understand. However, everything related to rental properties had to be done by hand, which is quite a hassle.

Knowledge Articles

Jackson Hewitt Online has a variety of resources on its primary website. These resources include a «document preparation list» and various tax calculators.

The resources are much more limited within the filing software itself. Users can find some FAQ knowledge articles. In addition, the “Tell Me More” buttons distributed throughout the software offer useful translations for people who are not interested in tax.


Jackson Hewitt Online doesn’t come with many extras, but users can always access customer service through live chat. The service does not contain an exam protection guarantee or any other information.

Unlike Liberty Tax Online (which offers a double personal guarantee), Jackson Hewitt maintains its online presence from in-person branches.

Can Jackson Help Hewitt With My Crypto Investments?

Jackson Hewitt Online technically supports the tax return for cryptocurrency transactions. However, entering this information is cumbersome and likely not a good use of time. If you trade cryptocurrency regularly, we recommend using TurboTax or CryptoTrader.Tax to generate the appropriate forms for you.

Can I request my missing stimulus check?

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and related economic shutdowns, Congress passed two rounds of economic finance. Most qualified taxpayers should have received their second round of funding by mid-January.

Those who missed the checks may qualify for a refund credit when filing their taxes. Jackson Hewitt Online makes it easy to claim this discount. Users simply answer questions about the money they received and Jackson Hewitt Online does the rest.

How does Jackson compare to Hewitt?

While Jackson Hewitt Online offers a decent user experience, it doesn’t offer great value. Less expensive alternatives like Credit Karma Tax and FreeTaxUSA offer better experiences at lower or free prices.

We also compared Jackson Hewitt Online to TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA – a premium option and a low-cost option.

Final thoughts on Jackson Hewitt in 2021

Jackson Hewitt will not be shortlisted in 2021. The user interface is fine, but it doesn’t add enough value to make the price worthwhile. The product needs to be more differentiated to be worth considering. The only people who can be attracted to it are those filing in multiple states. However, 1040.com also offers filing in multiple states for less money.

Users looking for a bargain may turn to Credit Karma Tax or TaxHawk rather than Jackson Hewitt Online. Others may prefer high-end software like H&R Block or TurboTax. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have recommendations for software based on your filing situation.

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