January 2021 Passive Income – New Record


January 2021 Passive income

Passive Income January 2021 – 44.88% year over year growth rate

  • 2 dividend increases – CU & CNR
  • 4 passive sources of income
  • $ 796.38 from dividends
  • 19 stocks fell in January

Another day, another lockdown. Wow, they’re always constant these days. The good news is that the World Health Organization decided to lower its cycle tests again the day after Biden took office. They say there have been too many false positives. Interesting that they decided to increase it in the fall. I think we’re really going to see the case numbers go down now, and they can claim lockdowns work. But now there are all these new variations. Why did we allow or still allow international travel?


This month I had to quit my home renovation job and become a full-time home dad to take our son to school because schools are closed. Between that and hanging out with my now 3-year-old daughter, it’s extremely hectic. I would definitely prefer to work, but that’s not really an option

I used to have over 500 gallons of aquariums in our old house, but when we moved here I was downgraded to 65 gallons. Last week I decided to get a 180 gallon 6’x2’x2 ‘tank from Kijii. I reinforced the floor with some jack posts and the tank looked fantastic. 2 days later I went out for 2 hours to get some more fish and came back to an empty tank everywhere. 180 gallons all over the bottom and fish gasping for air. Filled a bucket and scooped up the fish and surprisingly only 3 of the cheap fish and some babies died.

That was more than frustrating. A night when everything dried up, the old tank was put up and basically the tears of these men were absorbed. The next day I had to tear up the floor, let it dry, and then renew the living room. Luckily I had a couple of extra boxes of flooring that we kept. I have now ordered a brand new 180 gallon tank and a brand new floor … haha! On the positive side, the house didn’t burn down and the damage was minimal down to the floor …

It’s also a bit like the ultimate women’s test…. What did you do? Haha she just felt bad for me and knew I was going to fix it, she’s a guardian!

It’s been a great month … haha! At least these leaves are fine =)

Okay, let’s get to our passive income in January 2021

Elevates or cuts

2 Increases to start the year

  • Canadian utilities increased theirs by 1%, resulting in forward income of $ 3.69
  • CNR increased theirs by 7%, adding $ 12.32 to that income

Total income from dividend increases in 2021 – $ 16.01

A little disappointing as I thought both would get higher. The CU was actually so low that I’m considering switching to Fortis or something. I thought CNR was going to be around 11% so I was overly optimistic. 7% is still good, I’m a huge CNR fan and will improve our position this year if the stock drops to 110 or less.

January 2021 Passive income

Dividend income January 2021

16 companies paid us this month.

StocksJanuary 2020 incomeJanuary 2021 income
Restaurant brands29.7374.10
Disney$ 27.28No more dividends
Inter pipeline28.79 (one drop)8.32
Bank of Nova Scotia87.30 (one drop)90.90 (1 drop)
Telus56.50 (one drop)79.04 (3 drops)
Bell Canada68.16 (one drop)74.93 (1 drop)
TRANSCONTINENTAL25.30 (one drop)27.00 (1 drop)
TD Bank91.76 (one drop)101.12 (1 drop)
CiscoUsd 46.9049.32 (1 drop)
TC Energy057.51 (1 drop)
Xaw ETF032.03 (1 drop)
Rit ETF31.66 (1 drop)
Smart Center025.75 (1 drop)
Riocan29.76 (one drop)31.80 (1 drop)
Extendicare18.00 (2 drops)19.28 (3 drops)
Algonquin Power39.60 (2 drops)66.12 (3 drops)

19 stocks fell in January – Nice to see almost all companies dripping more stocks.

A monster growth rate this month. I can’t remember the last time I saw one this high – a 44.88% year-over-year growth. I think the future in these months will outperform the quarter end months.

If you’re interested, check out our previous dividend earnings reports.

Our drops (dividend reinvestment program) We added $ 27.20 to our annual forward dividend this month.

Different income

Private investment payment – $ 500.00

There’s nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month.) Steady Eddy …….

Solar panel income

In December (we always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 130 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One has deposited it $ 37.44 this month to our checking account.

The system generated $ last December36.86. So we were a little higher year after year.

Total income for 2021 – $ 37.44

System installed January 2018

Total system costs —- $ 32,396.46

Receive total income —- $ 7,542.68


Amount to break even – $ -24,853.78

Cashback credit card

Every year in January we receive money with our cashback credit card from the previous year. We always pay out our balance, so that’s bonus money. In January we received $ 415.46. Sweeet!

Total passive income in January 2021 – $ 1,749.28

Passive Income in January 2020 – $ 1,485.86

Increase in total passive income compared to the previous year. – $ 263.42

Nice to see, obviously the cash back credit card isn’t a constant, but hey, maybe we’ll cross that 2k mark next January. That would be great! Why didn’t we start this investment earlier? =)

T.Total for 2021

Total dividend year to date – $ 796.38
Other passive income year to date – $ 952.90
Total Passive Income for 2020 – $ 1,749.28
Year-end target – $ 17,390.71 ——–% 05/10

Last year we went for 17km and missed it. This year our goal is to increase that dividend by $ 1,680.19. That is the top of the projected 8% div growth forecast earnings in 2021 from this item. Let’s do it. Bacardi n Coke – Do it.


January 2021 purchases / sales

That year started with the news that Brookfield properties were about to be bought out. The price exceeded the offered share price, so we all sold our shares.

  • Sold BPY.UN – 287 shares lost 373.00 in income
  • Bought 469 units of Rit Etf adding 379.89 per year.

You can read about these movements here – Swap BPY.

  • Started a position in Couche-Tard 35 stocks. Adding $ 12.15 to those dividends.

The drop in acquisition news has been a great time to buy. Read more about this purchase here.

A total of $ 19.04 was added in January through purchases and moves. Not much, but I think these purchases will strengthen and further diversify the portfolio going forward.

Update of financial targets


Raise the dividend this year by $ 1,680.19. (Increase our dividend income from dividends to $ 8,329.13 per year)

  • We have further expanded our dividend portfolio with new acquisitions, drops and dividend increases. The total increase so far in 2021 is $ 62.25. 3.70% of our goal.

About $ 250 monthly purchase

  • We didn’t actually buy a xaw this month. Money was a little tight with all of these things, but I’m sure that will change soon.
  • Questrade * is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $ 250.00 per month would kill us if we had to pay high trading fees.
  • * Note that the Questrade link is an affiliate link and I would receive a small payment at no additional cost to you if you signed up. However, you could get $ 50 in free trade stores using my link.
January 2021 Conclusion on passive income

While life was full of challenges and adventures, passive income kept coming into play. It feels great to see such a high rate of growth and it just proves that the continual triple play is working – new capital, drops and dividend increases.

February will continue to be one of our slower passive income reports, but hopefully the kids are back to school and life won’t throw those curve balls. Haha

How was your start in 2021?

Bottom up!

“Nothing grows without rain, learn to accept the storms in your life” –

Couldn’t be more relevant to us than this month. =)


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