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    Allie Bjerk has gone from being a designer to learning about the ins and outs of the online learning industry.

    Hear how she overcame impostor syndrome and the importance of maintaining a personal connection with your followers.

    Working in online learning

    After five years of college, Allie got a job with an online learning company. She then took a two-week course with online experts before being hired for her career.

    Allie then decided to go into business for herself; However, she undercut and then suffered a significant setback when a client refunded a $ 6,000 project for wanting to see more people on her website.

    Building her first company

    She built a funnel for herself that sold a valuable product that Allie was selling and built in an order increase so customers could add additional products to their cart. “In the end, I made 10K in the first two weeks after starting this funnel and scaled it very quickly by the third month; Earning $ 90,000 a month. “

    This marketing idea not only gave her the income she needed, but also gave her a completely new vision of running her business. “Instead of being customer for customer, I was selling products and generating passive income.” By eliminating the need to create results for customers, she was able to build her own business and scale her product.

    How Allie Overcame Imposter Syndrome

    “I’ve had imposter syndrome in different places and it will come back in different ways,” says Allie. “If you can bring this to light, take a look and know that there is a part of me that really enjoys fighting.”

    She says she had to talk herself out of impostor syndrome and change her mindset in order to move on and build her business.

    Selling is serving

    Acting as a salesperson is an important concept that you need to understand while in business for yourself. If they aren’t buying from you, they are buying the same service from someone else who is probably not as good as you. I’ve seen this over and over again in sales talks with people. Usually they tell me they want to join but just bought another product that isn’t that good, but now they are committed to the poor quality product.

    Giving yourself permission to be successful

    We tend to have this spirit floating around that we are not good enough and we don’t deserve to make money. Allie and I agree that we must allow ourselves to be ourselves. We are unique, multi-faceted people who bring that together and have to appear as ourselves.

    By showing yourself as yourself, you will attract more ideal customers. “Even if you sell automated products, people will see your authentic self emerge.” Your energy is expressed in your texts, ads, and images.

    “Once you can own yourself, marketing becomes a lot easier. It takes time, work and acceptance before you can get to the point where you market your messages. “

    Keep your funnels simple, silly!

    One of the common threads I find is that business owners are being sold into a program through Facebook advertising. When you start your business journey, don’t buy ads until you have no income.

    Allie believes in a minimally viable product. “How do you get a product on the market and get proof that people even want it? I think a lot of people start with creation instead of clarity and message or who it is for, and that alignment before they know if their product is viable. “

    “The biggest advice I can give is not to create anything until it’s sold. If you can, sell in advance, even if it’s a coaching package. “

    She also recommends that you do not shy away from one-on-one meetings at an early stage, as you will derive added value from these one-on-one meetings. “Even if it’s a free strategy call that you give people, you hear their questions about what works well and what doesn’t work for them.”

    Create a client connection

    Allie emphasizes the importance of engaging with customers online.

    “I answer all of my own Instagram messages. I chat on my website – I don’t want to lose contact with my followers. “

    She does not recommend that a team member edit your comments, as doing so will lose valuable input for your product development.

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