Lessons for counselors on playing video games with my son


Last week while I was at work my parents hooked up my original Sega Genesis for my 6 year old. My son went through all of my old games and landed on them Street fighter 2. He turned on the console, showed up in the game, and was addicted.

When I picked it up that day, I saw it taped on the screen. I have to admit the nostalgia was very real. The characters, the music, the special movements – I felt like it was 1992.

My son asked me to play with him. So I decided to stay for dinner and we played for two hours and hit the game. Fun? Yes. An unexpected lesson? For sure. I took the following with me. …

  1. Old skills never die

While I hadn’t played like riding a bike in almost 30 years, it all came back to me.

Down-forward punch and I threw Hadoukens Once again. I was back in my element, relived tournaments from my childhood and was totally surprised how quickly everything came back to me.

I’ve been thinking about the many business skills that may have rusted during the pandemic, especially social prospecting.

I think: as a consultant, when you are finally able to socialize as usual, don’t worry. Those skills that you have learned and mastered over the years will reappear. Sure, they may need refinement, but your ability to build rapport, hold conversations, and ask about business will return to you. In our opinion, social prospecting will return quickly.

Play Sega Genesis

  1. New skills take time

The next lesson I learned is that new skills take time. My newbie son got frustrated. He would win a few rounds but then lose. He got to the point where he just wanted to see I play instead of playing myself. I tried to explain that being good takes time and practice. I repeated the countless hours I spent at my friend’s house as a ten-year-old. But he didn’t. His expectations were wrong. He wanted to be really good, very quickly.

From a business perspective, the pandemic has forced most of us to learn some new skills. For financial advisors, this could be in the form of social media, video, content creation, or video conferencing. If you’ve only been at these new skills for about a year, you may not feel like doing them, but you’re just getting started. Don’t give up on these marketing strategies – you will get better with time.

Business inspiration comes in many forms. Thank you for indulging my way back in time. If nothing else, this may have inspired you to wipe your NES or SEGA too.

Kevin Nichols is a partner at the Oechsli Institute, a company specializing in research and education for the financial services industry. @ KevinANichols www.oechsli.com


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