Life and then debt


    Hello BAD community! I can’t believe it’s been that long You must forgive my absence, full-time work and a lot of life over the past few weeks. Combined with continued recovery from COVID, I didn’t have much time.

    Let me give you the short version:

    • The girls have graduated from high school. Colleges selected, apartments signed up, and the bills kicking in.
    • I’ve learned firsthand what it means to be a primary caregiver and I will never take that role for granted. We enjoyed having my mom here for two weeks, but it was really a hit that we have to support my dad.
    • Princess Car has been in the shop for weeks. I have no hope of his recovery.
    • I am a homeowner now!
    • My health has been a source of my own concern and I am sticking to that for the time being.

    Most of these life events have financial implications. How it looks with us, I’ll unpack in the next few weeks.

    Life and money

    • I am determined to get Princess, and eventually Gymnast, through college without debt. Between the savings Princess made from her work last year and the scholarships she received, we covered the first semester in full. But now that I have a solid idea of ​​what each semester costs, I’ll be putting extra money aside every month. I have also committed myself to monthly pocket money for Princess for this first year. More on that later.
    • We came to Texas this week to visit my parents and pick up Gymnast. He returned with my parents after they were here for the girls graduation. My siblings and I will meet to discuss what Papa can support as the primary caregiver for my mother. I assume there will be a financial cost to this, although we will keep it as low as possible as this could be a long term situation.
    • We were able to get Princess’ car back on the road after her wreck for $ 512, but it didn’t stop. (She paid this cost out of her savings.) The oil pan is obviously cracked and there may be other problems. I’m not sure if it can be fixed at this point or if I’ll be putting it up for sale for parts only – will probably know this week.
    • Yes i own my home And I am so excited !!! More on that later. I ended up taking on $ 98,000 in debt.
    • There will be some doctor’s appointments in the future. It could all be post-COVID or diabetes, but I am currently living with symptoms that are not very bearable. I’m just getting the bills for my COVID-induced hospitalization. So far, I believe my HSA funding will cover most of the bills. * Cross my fingers

    I hope you will forgive my absence. But I think I will now have some time to write again and I am desperate to repay my debt!

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