Life Insurance and Trusts: Power Tools for Estate Planning


    What’s the best investment? The one most worth when it is needed most. Life insurance often fits this profile, especially when it comes to financing inheritance tax and family wealth planning. And trusts bring flexibility, performance, and precision to life insurance so that it benefits those who have the protection they deserve. This session provides an overview of the characteristics of a well-designed, well-managed life insurance policy and how to use trusts to maximize financial results for the family. Finally, we will think about how to keep the plans on track in light of the upcoming tax reform.

    This session includes:

    • An overview of well-designed, well-run life insurance
    • How life insurance trusts can be used to maximize financial results for customers
    • A discussion of trends and upcoming tax reforms that could affect policy

    Further education (CE) and legal further education (CLE) credits: CFP, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, RMA® and AEP® CE credits have been applied for and are still pending.

    This webinar is sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company (LITCO), the only trust company in the industry exclusively focused on life insurance trusts. LITCO provides ILIT trustee services for grantors and beneficiaries that go beyond the typical corporate trustee services. LITCO is a subsidiary of ITM TwentyFirst, which has always provided services to existing life insurance policyholders, including trustees (banks, trusts, lawyers, family offices) and institutional policyholders (private equity firms, banks, universities and foundations) for over 20 years Years.

    Funded by

    Leon Wessels – host
    Business Development Manager
    Trust company for life insurance

    John Barkhurst – host
    Sr. New Business Development Manager
    ITM TwentyFirst

    Kristin Bulat – presenter
    SVP Strategic Resources
    NFP & partner finance

    Kenneth R. Samuelson – presenter
    President and CEO
    Morehead group

    Susan Lipp – presenter
    Trusts & Estates


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