Little Known Websites That Can Help You Monetize Your Writing


    If you can write well, you can use your skills to make a decent income. After all, you’ll build a steady flow of work and income.

    There are more than a few websites that offer writers and bloggers the opportunity to monetize their writing skills. While you can always go the freelance route on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, there are sites that pay you to write the content you enjoy.

    Here are some of the wonderful ways to make money on your writing.

    1. Explosion news

    Blasting News was founded in mid-2013 and is now the world’s largest social news publisher. It is one of the 200 websites in the world with more than 80 million unique site visitors each month. The platform reports in 25 languages ​​in 34 countries and accepts various submissions. According to its founder, the idea behind Blasting News relates to the open media industry, or the hope of helping people express themselves. As a bonus, it is a way for people to make money.

    The published articles are contributed by freelancers, so-called blasters. There is a team of seasoned professionals in charge of quality control (Senior Blasters) who review and curate the publications received. In order to achieve the best results, the dissemination of the news is carried out by a team of leading digital influencers, the “Social Blasters” and the authors themselves. Blasting News pays up to $ 150 for each article.

    2. Income journal

    Income Diary publishes articles on topics related to starting a business online. The articles are about making money online, traffic and conversion optimization, social media, web design and other related topics. Your article will keep Income Diary happy as long as it comes to building an online business. Make sure your article is easy to understand to bring to life any human experience that readers can relate to.

    Ideally, the pieces should be between 2,500 words and 4,500 words, and you will receive $ 500 for each entry accepted. Best of all, you are encouraged to write even if you have no published work under your belt. However, when you submit an article, don’t forget to mention that you want to get paid for it.

    3. Content

    Contena offers a variety of cool features to help you get started in your freelance writing career right away. With Contena, you can search for writing jobs across the web to kickstart your writing career. Some of its useful features are:

    • A database with wage rates from 1,600 companies
    • A job search tool
    • Notifications when receiving emails
    • Submission Finder

    Every member gets access to the Contena Academy, which offers a 6-module video training course as well as materials to show you how to get your freelance writing business going. Even experienced writers will find the academy helpful as it has helped them learn new ways to fine-tune their writing. Platinum members can also get help building a portfolio for the interview.

    4. Publish on Amazon

    Do you enjoy writing fiction and dream of publishing a book? Well, your dream could come sooner than expected. Thanks to Amazon or Kindle Direct Publishing, you can present your book to the world without worrying about finding an agent or publisher. Everybody can Self-publication on Amazon, and it’s a great opportunity to earn a steady income.

    A great tip before publishing a book on Amazon is to build a community of people who are interested in your writing. You can do this by being active on social media or by writing a personal blog. Whatever it is, make sure you attract like-minded people who will appreciate your writing.


    There are many ways for you to monetize your writing. It may just be a sideline or you may opt for a more stable income. Whichever you choose, success depends on how much effort you plan on doing. However, there are fraudulent sites and offers that purport to guarantee easy and quick income. Indeed, Scams for making money are one of the most common online.

    Once a suspicious pop-up claims you can make a thousand dollars while working from home, ignore it. Usually it is not a legitimate offer but a scam in the hope that you will click on the ad or give out your personal information. However, there are tools that can help you. For example, Atlas VPN is a tool that encrypts all your online traffic, meaning nobody can spy on it. In addition, it offers protection from advertisements and suspicious websites. This is how you can secure the integrity of your data and prevent these scams from appearing on your screen.

    Overall, as a freelance writer, you often have a better quality of life. There is no hectic daily routine or hectic rush to get to work on time. Things are much more relaxed. Life is a breeze when the stress of finding a steady flow of work and income is over. Our article detailing some of the leading websites that offer decent paid permanent work can help you kickstart your writing career.


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