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After spending some time in Texas, my husband and I decided it was finally time to leave California. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but the biggest one is affordability. We could sell our house and pay cash for something in Texas. The thought of being completely debt free is insanely attractive. The second big reason we don’t like California politics without getting too political, but still getting political. I never agreed to them and the pandemic made things so much worse. Third, we are ready for the next big adventure. Take it to Texas.

We’ve spent time in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between. We met so many great people and it just felt like home. Which city felt most at home? That’s the problem. Many of them.

When people move to new cities, it is usually because they have a job or a family. We don’t have either! Choosing a city is REALLY difficult! We decided to apply for a job in the general northeast Texas area and drop the cards where they like. Ready for problem number 2? Where in the name of heaven do you look for jobs? I haven’t looked for a job in 4 years and even then the one I found was an accident. Before that, my last job search was in 2008. I am far from figuring out how to find a job.

I’ve tried Monster, but so far I’ve only received one notification that matches my search and it’s a low-rated company. When I look for all vacancies in a general area, only IT and mortgage insurers that are not close to where I work are available.

The parent company of those I work for should have a remote position available this spring, but it will be officially closed due to the pandemic. They think it will be a year or two before it opens and I don’t feel like waiting a year or two for a job that I’m not sure I can get.

Share your secrets with me Where on earth do you find jobs? Are there any out there?


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