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    Caravan holidays offer many advantages. If you have used a caravan or motorhome before, you will be aware of the joy they can bring.

    They are undoubtedly more comfortable than a tent or shared hostel and far less restrictive than a hotel room or rented holiday home. In addition, motorhome / caravan vacations are on everyone’s lips right now. Just search for #vanlife on Instagram and you will find tons of people documenting their exciting caravanning adventures.

    Of course, it is also cheaper than a B&B or a hotel. But did you also think that you can also make money with a caravan?

    Let’s take a look at how you can make and save money with a caravan:

    Save money on vacation

    Caravan by the sea

    While the initial cost of buying a trailer may seem quite high (usually between £ 6,000 and £ 14,000), you can save up to £ 80,000 in the long run, according to Yours Magazine.

    In order to achieve this return on investment, you must of course use your caravan regularly. Instead of going on vacation packages with your family (which can easily cost up to £ 1,000 per person), you would instead pack your trailer and hit the streets.

    Out And About Live provides a handy guide to choosing and buying your first RV. They advise on financing and payment options, what to consider when choosing a caravan and how to determine the best type of caravan. This is useful if you are a first-time buyer as knowing where to start can be quite overwhelming.

    List your caravan


    It is not to say that investing in a trailer is an absolute waste for the globetrotters among us.

    If you feel like doing #vanlife road trips from time to time, but also enjoy the prospect of jetting overseas again and again, you can always offer your caravan for rent.

    There are two main ways of doing this. The first step is to decide which type of caravan you want to buy – stationary or mobile.

    Static caravan

    As the name suggests, these caravans stay on a single plot of land. Due to their stationary character, these caravans can be equipped as comfortably as a stationary holiday home. You can even buy stationary caravans that have a running shower, connect to WiFi, and have an equipped kitchen.

    Static caravans are available at different prices depending on their age, model and location. You can buy a used caravan at Haven Holidays for around £ 13,495. You can pay over £ 100,000 for luxury models. Some of the luxury models are more spacious and have a dining area, master bedroom and even a log fire. Your deposits are £ 3,000 or 20% whichever is greater. You also need to consider your site fees. The website fees also vary based on location.

    So when renting out, make sure that the price covers all your costs and that you also make a small profit from it.

    Cell phone, mobile phone

    Until recently, the rental of mobile homes was far more common than mobile ones. However, with the advent of the sharing economy, people have realized that the caravan that sits nicely in the garage can actually make them good money.

    One possibility is to rent out your caravan privately. Advertise on websites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. You can even get the word out among friends and family and generate bookings via word of mouth.

    However, advertising can prove to be a bit time consuming as there are administrators who need to be sorted. This includes getting the right insurance to determine the correct fees.

    If that sounds like a mission, there is a pretty good solution: Yescapa.

    Caravan sharing economy

    Built on the same principle as Airbnb, Yescapa is a platform that helps you rent your caravan / motorhome as easily and safely as possible.

    Since its launch in 2012, Yescapa has generated € 10 million (£ 8.8 million) in revenue for over 3,800 vehicle owners across Europe.

    In a survey of its users, they also found that 38% of holidaymakers intend to buy their own motorhome or motorhome in the future.

    65 percent of those surveyed also said they were willing to sublet their vehicle after it was purchased, creating a positive cycle for motorhome manufacturers, owners, tenants and holidaymakers.

    Joining the Yescapa community and posting an ad on the website is completely free. The insurance price is included in the price that the renter pays.

    All you need is a clean, ready-to-drive vehicle with all current documents.

    So how do they make money, you may be wondering? Yescapa will add a 10-15% service charge to your caravan fee (minimum £ 30). In principle, you will receive your payment in full.

    • What is the average rental price at Yescapa?

    If you want to rent a caravan, you can expect between € 20 and € 80 per day.

    Campervans, on the other hand, can reach up to € 250 per day, depending on the equipment, condition or classic.

    Right now, the most expensive rental on the site is a bright yellow 1964 VW Combi with split windows.

    Turn your caravan into a food truck

    Food truck

    You might even feel like doing something a little more creative with your caravan. Maybe you like to cook or bake or even want to change your career. If that’s the case, you can turn your caravan into a food truck.

    While you may have to spend some money on the retrofit, your overhead costs are relatively low afterward – especially since you already own the vehicle and don’t have to buy one for it. We have already written an article on how to decorate your home on a budget, with tips that can easily be carried over to decorating your caravan or motorhome.

    If you can’t afford to run a food truck full time, you can always start doing this as a sideline over the weekend. You can sell groceries at:

    A great way to promote your services and get the message out there is by getting people to share pictures and write reviews on social media. So show your customers your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram details in a neat way and even consider a special hashtag for them to use.

    Remember there are rules and regulations related to business registration, health and safety that must be followed when running a food business.

    Read all about it in our article on Making Money From A Food Truck.

    Become a #vanlife influencer

    If you are free spirited or very enterprising, you can convert your trailer into a comfortable semi-permanent home. You can save money on rent or mortgage payments and become a #vanlife influencer.

    If you’re into travel and the outdoors, you may have noticed a surge in the popularity of caravans and motorhomes with millennials in recent years. This has resulted in an interesting shift in the target market from more traditional family vacations or retired couples to younger people.

    If you search for #vanlife on Instagram, it will bring up millions of beautiful photos. From beautiful landscapes and happy campers to beautiful forests with fairy lights between trees, you will find all the inspiration you need when buying your caravan.

    Trend or really cost-saving way of life?

    Many have dismissed it as a passing trend. However, most of the people who live this way say that it is a conscious pursuit of a more affordable and flexible life.

    In an interview with The Debrief, Vanlifer Abby shared her story. She said she saved £ 26,000 living in a van for 18 months.

    Instead of spending horrendous sums on rent, Abby chose to work from her van. She lived on about 10 pounds a day. Her biggest expense was paying £ 3,000 for the van itself, which she sold for roughly the same price 2 years later.

    As the article suggests, van life becomes much less of a “hippie dream” than a beneficial lifestyle choice when you compare £ 3,000 to house prices, the volatile market, or the instability of anything after Brexit.

    Earn money with #vanlife

    By living in your caravan you can not only save money, but also earn money. There are large numbers of young people using this trend to become online travel influencers.

    While it may seem as simple as uploading pictures to Instagram, be warned, it can be really hard work!

    First of all, you need to invest in good quality camera and editing software. You can then post high quality, beautiful photos that will easily compete with those of existing influencers.

    While photos may seem effortless on your Instagram feed, great photos take time. There can be many takes, props, and repetitions. You will need patience!

    It can also take time to establish before brands give you opportunities to work together. Take your time and move on. Once you’ve had your first opportunity to partner with brands and other influencers, more will follow.

    To get started, you may need to work remotely and post about your #vanlife as a hobby.

    As soon as you have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, you are considered a micro-influencer. When your content is good, you can start targeting brands that you want to work with. You’ll be amazed at how willing brands are to collaborate!

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