Manulife Investment Management deepens its sustainability bank


    “We are delighted to have Eric on board as his expertise and background will be an integral part of the development of our impact-first investment strategies,” said Brian Kernohan, Chief Sustainability Officer Private Markets at Manulife Investment Management, who reports to Cooperström .

    Cooperström graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University and worked at Volta Capital and Capital Dynamics in London. He then joined the Skoll Foundation as a program-related investment director. Prior to joining Manulife Investment Management, he was a Senior Director at NatureVest, the Impact Investment Arm of The Nature Conservancy.

    Manulife Investment Management has a history of investing in forests and agriculture, believing that good management of ESG factors is a significant contributor to long-term market returns. In view of the worsening effects of climate change on the environment, however, the company is striving to find strategies that, in addition to and above the financial income for interested customers, also have ecological and social effects.

    “We believe forests and farms are natural climate solutions, and we see removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in trees and soils as a viable option for investors looking to optimize and prioritize carbon sequestration,” said Kernohan.

    The appointment of Cooperström comes when the Hancock Natural Resource Group announced the recent acquisition of 12,874 hectares of eucalyptus plantations in Mato Grosso do Sul by its subsidiary Semper Verde Florestas e Agricultura Ltda. It was the second acquisition this year by the timber and agriculture group Manulife Investment Management in South America.


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