March 2021 Passive Income – 3 Sources


    March 2021 Passive income

    March 2021 Passive Income – 3 Sources

    • 0 dividend increases
    • 3 passive sources of income
    • $ 720.39 from dividends
    • 12 stocks fell in March

    Hey hey hey!

    The market continues and sets new highs. The printing presses were busy creating new money and raising the prices of everything. While it’s nice to see so much green in the portfolio, it’s hard to find deals at the moment. There are still a few out there, but you have to look pretty carefully.


    March was a fantastic month. The weather here in Ontario was so beautiful that we started landscaping in the middle of the month. It was hard to believe it was March when it was 17 degrees outside. I cleared away the ice rink in the back yard and we threw the frisbee around and worked on our moves on the trampoline.

    I also finally got my new 180 gallon aquarium. 6 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet. I was told it would be ready in 2 weeks but it took about 2 months. Sure frustrating, but they are super busy because of Covid and the tank is just beautiful. I’ve never had a brand new tank before so it was worth the wait. Now it’s time to find some more fish and replenish it.

    As we watch the rest of the world open to Covid, we’re now going into our third lockdown for another month. (But let’s face it, we’ve been in jail for about a year now.) A bit typical just before the holidays. Basically everything stays open except restaurants, bars, patios, gyms, etc. Absolutely brutal for them after being told they could open for just a week or two. The government keeps dangling that carrot … Just one more lock, right?

    The Definition of mental illness does the same thing over and over and expects a different result…. Here we do the same again. They wonder if they actually want this to end, or if they just want to push this vaccine forward … Now, Texas and Florida are living it wide open.

    Perhaps it is time to question and change politics. They make massive money, lock us up for a year and it just got worse. Did you really earn your wages last year? Reduce their salary and I guarantee we would see results.

    End of the chatter – I shouldn’t focus on what I can’t control, just argue!

    Okay, let’s get to our passive income in March 2021

    Elevates or cuts

    0 Increases this month. I guess it was expected as none of the companies I own generally raise in March.

    Total income from dividend increases in 2021 – $ 75.04

    January 2021 Passive income

    March 2021 dividend income

    12 companies paid us this month.

    StocksMarch 2020 incomeMarch 2021 income
    IBM45.36 usd45.64 usd
    MicrosoftUsd 6.72
    Johnson & Johnson12.35 usd$ 43.43
    3mUsd 17.64$ 32.56
    LMT036.40 usd
    Canadian National Railway35.6547.36
    Inter pipeline07/29 (2 drops)8.32
    Brookfield Property Partners115.20 (9 drops)sold
    Riocan30.00 (1 drop)sold
    Smart Center05/26
    Extendicare18.16 (2 drops)sold
    Brookfield renewable105.64 (1 drop)85.92 (1 drop)
    RIT ETF64.33 (3 drops)
    Canadian utilities87.95 (2 drops)92.36 (3 drops)
    Enbridge180.63 (3 drops)231.30 (5 drops)

    12 stocks dropped in March – the snowball grows by itself.

    Not a massive growth rate but loving the look of the new upgraded portfolio. IBM is still one that I am questioning, but I really think they will turn around with the new CEO. Maybe this is wishful thinking? The bpy loss was a huge hit these months due to a possible buyout and sale, but I have moved that proceeds to rit etf. Keep it in the same sector but lose some return. All good in the long run!

    If you’re interested, check out our previous dividend earnings reports.

    Our drops (dividend reinvestment program) We added $ 25.62 to our annual forward dividend this month.

    I’ve decided to introduce a new section at the end of each quarter. It will be a quarterly comparison from year to year. So many people (myself included) are focused on increasing their monthly income. The middle of the quarter months are always awful for us, but I don’t want to buy a lot or value right now to pump them up. I want to focus on income, which in general doesn’t necessarily grow every month. By comparing quarters, a more accurate picture can be obtained.

    Jan – End of March 2020 Dividend Income – $ 1,569.38

    Jan – End of March 2021 Dividend Income – $ 1,876.71

    % Growth – 19.58% Sweet! A growth rate of nearly 20% will ensure that our retirement will be very healthy if we carry on like this.

    Different income

    Private investment payment – $ 500.00

    There’s nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month.) Steady Eddy …….

    Solar panel income

    In February (we always get paid a month later) our solar panel system was generating 170 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One has deposited it $ 48.96 this month to our checking account.

    The system generated $ last February72.58. So we were lower year after year. We went downstairs for the first time this year but we had a ton of snow in February and the panels were just covered. It is to be expected.

    Total income for 2021 – $ 145.15

    System installed January 2018

    Total system costs —- $ 32,396.46

    Receive total income —- $ 7,631.96


    Break-even amount – $ 244,764.50

    Total passive income in March 2021 – $ 1,269.35

    Passive Income March 2020 – $ 1,252.63

    Increase in total passive income compared to the previous year. – $ 16.72

    A very low growth rate. All of these sales and portfolio adjustments have lowered our average return. All is well as we move towards better growth and also towards companies with dividend growth. Some of the sales I’ve made never increased the dividend for us, and in the long run the portfolio will be better for that.

    T.Total for 2021

    Total dividends year to date – $ 1,876.71
    Other passive income year to date – $ 2,060.61
    Total Passive Income for 2020 – $ 3,937.32
    Year-end target – $ 17,390.71 ——–% 22.64

    Back a bit, but the summer months with the solar boost should get things back on track!


    March 2021 purchases

    We didn’t invest as much as I would like to invest last month, but with some car repairs and a $ 1,500 aquarium, what can you do? =) Remember, money is not just about saving. Go out there and hand it out, companies could use our support.

    Anyway, we’ve added 33 more shares in Couche-tard. I still think this is cheap and if it stays at $ 40 I’ll add more. This purchase adds a whopping $ 11.55 to our futures earnings. Our drops alone were twice as high! Couche-tard is a breeder but not a shower.

    Update of financial targets


    Raise the dividend this year by $ 1,680.19. (Increase our dividend income from dividends to $ 8,329.13 per year)

    • We have further expanded our dividend portfolio with new acquisitions, drops and dividend increases. The total increase so far in 2021 is $ 281.28. 16.74% of our target.

    About $ 250 monthly purchase

    • This month we added 9 more units of xaw etf.
    • Questrade * is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $ 250.00 per month would kill us if we had to pay high trading fees.
    • * Note that the Questrade link is an affiliate link and I would receive a small payment at no additional cost to you if you signed up. However, you could get $ 50 in free trade stores using my link.
    March 2021 Conclusion on passive income

    Life is good. I am surrounded by fantastic people, spring is here and income continues to grow. Covid sucks, we’ll get past it. Time to go to raid the kids Easter candy. Have a great everyone!

    Bottom up!

    How are you doing with your passive sources of income and how do you deal with Covid?

    “I want to be a better me, a better man, a better lover, a better brother, a better friend” – Virginia to Vegas – Betterman (song)


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