March made auto payment # 1


of hope

Made an additional $ 1,500 car payment today! That brings my balance to $ 11,437.27.

I wrote this sentence and wish I could just drop a microphone and walk away.

Every time I receive an additional payment, I evaluate what I will come, what my “extra” balance is, and determine how much I can put into debt and still feel safe. Finished a major project and received full payment …

$ 1,500 extra for my car.

With this additional payment, it will now be paid out in August, even if I only stick to my $ 2,000 monthly payment. It’s getting closer and closer. I will have a 3 year old car that has completely paid off.

That proves to me that I can save for a car. If it took me just 2 years to repay that money, I can save for another and never find myself less or better than a car in need of a car loan again. Needless to say, I don’t have to do this for a while, but it can be done. After this is paid off, it is time to repay my student loan. Then I’ll start an auto-sinking fund.

Anticipating a tax refund

When I first wrote about goal # 3, I forgot about my taxes. I haven’t submitted yet, but I expect to receive a refund. Of course I have no idea how much. However, this will only serve to accelerate the repayment of these debts.

My plan is to sit down and work on filing my taxes the next weekend. I really have no idea what to expect as I know there will be a lot of changes this year. But I finally gathered everything I think I needed and blocked a couple of hours to sit down with.

Has anyone filed their taxes? Any surprises for you?


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