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    After reading Tim Ferris’ four-hour week, Tyler Wagner decided to drop out of college and start his own journey. As a student over $ 80,000 in debt, he did not have the resources to attend large conferences. Instead, he wanted to go to coaching.

    Six months later, Tyler contacted the organizers and asked for a free ticket to their event. Almost all 100+ events gave him a ticket to their conference. On one occasion, notably at the Mastermind Talks, he met Tim Ferriss backstage.

    “Something clicked for me at this event. It so happened that most of the speakers at this event were authors – most of them were bestselling authors. So I decided to become a public speaker at the age of 20. «

    Conference crushing

    After attending these events, Tyler wrote his first book, Conference Crushing – a 70-page guide to networking in events. From college dropout to bestselling writer, the people who doubted Tyler would make it after dropping out of college now paid attention to it.

    At this point, Tyler was being paid to speak on stage. So he started his own tribe, Authors Unite. “I started with individual coaching, it was a low-ticket item. In the beginning it was great. «

    Then his time with global clients became minimal when he realized he had hit the ceiling. So Tyler decided to create online courses to scale his business to high ticket prices for their book marketing services.

    From ghostwriting to book editing, PR, marketing, and media kits, Author’s Unite provides the critical services a serious writer needs to write, edit, publish, and market their book – regardless of their industry or industry.

    Find a work-life balance

    «The hardest thing I’ve been through in my life is trying to find a balance.»

    For example, if he’s in work mode, Tyler says he forgets about his surroundings and other responsibilities while in the zone. «Then when I’m in family mode, I let everything else go, you know?»

    Typically, he will work hard for four months and then travel to visit family or spend time on vacation.

    The Bitcoin balance

    There is a balance with bitcoin and cash. Tyler believes a massive crash is imminent. Even before the bitcoin crash happens, he predicts that bitcoin will hit $ 1 million per coin in the next few months. This type of currency has many extremes to play the game on. So he continues to invest an average of dollar costs per month and also keeps cash in case it ever crashes.

    “I like to have a balance so I can sleep at night. Because if I’m all in a market and it collapses, this is going to screw me up and they all have cash just to watch assets go up and that will piss me off. ”You don’t want to be in a position where you are Mortgage Your Home to Buy Bitcoin I’m still not ready to do anything crazy like this. You know what I mean? You don’t want to live in a house that is worth less than what Bitcoin will be worth.

    As long as you’re taking on massive debt for it, I don’t care how the hell you got the money. I’ve done things like that where I’ve made decisions about life situations. Sometimes you have to move back in with your parents to get back on your feet.

    Business Buildings and Residual Income

    “I like the idea of ​​passive income, but I’m also very much a business builder.” Tyler enjoys building businesses with his money and investments. However, he does tend to hold a large amount of cash when finding another business to start.

    “I am a very serial entrepreneur. I like building something instead of taking six to eight percent of the interest. He also enjoys building business because, says Tyler, «you just find out who you are.»

    Building businesses didn’t just help Tyler figure out who he was – «I’ve created all of these freedoms in my life and then I realized I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with all that money and freedom should begin. “I live a nice minimalist, simple life avoiding problems. You know what I mean?»

    Book creation and marketing advice

    So how should you choose the subject for the next book you want to write? Tyler suggests writing raw books because these books tell the full story without hiding anything.

    “These are the ones who have the potential to get on their feet with word of mouth. If you don’t, it just dies. As if it just wouldn’t work. «

    «I think the more open we are, the better we can be.» Because of this, Tyler wants to be more open on his social media and what he thinks and feels about social issues. “I think that’s how we should be and everyone should be open and curious. I think curiosity is the basis for success. «

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