Martin Lewis says the government misrepresented its own travel rules


    “Politicians get their own rules wrong”

    Martin previously posted the following on his social media channels:

    Politicians get their own rules for vacation travel abroad wrong. The traffic light system does not dictate whether you can go. In fact, there are THREE different systems. I made a brief statement …

    1. Traffic light system: This determines what to do when you return from overseas. Green is not a quarantine. Amber is at home for 10 days. Red is 10 days in a hotel (£ 1,750 for a single traveler).

    2. Advice to the Federal Foreign Office (FO): This determines whether you can travel and is key to travel insurance and most vacation regulations. If it advises against “all but essential travel” or “all travel” then don’t go and it may trigger a refund. Breaking the advice can also void your insurance.

    While the FO advises against all but essential travel for most amber and red destinations, the overlap is not accurate – for example:

    – Mainland Spain: Amber & FO “against all but essential travel”

    – Canary Islands: Amber, but there is no evidence against travel.

    Hence, you can go to the Canary Islands – the government does not officially advise against it (regardless of what the Prime Minister says), but all you have to do is accept that you will need to be quarantined on return.

    3. The rule of the overseas country. Just because the UK says you can go doesn’t mean they’ll let you in. For example, Australia is green, but it doesn’t let in vacationers. Iceland is green but you need to be double vaccinated.

    I hope this helps clear it up. Please share.


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