Martin Lewis urges government action against online fraud to protect millions of people with mental health problems


“The bill doesn’t protect people from online scammers at all.” and the founder of the Money and Mental Health and Policy Institute, Martin Lewis, said, “I just don’t see how an online security law can just rule out the fraud epidemic in the UK. Fraud not only steals people’s money, it often steals.” also takes away their self-esteem and sanity.

“The government has promised to set world-leading standards for online security, but for now, the Online Security Act will not protect people from the growing threat of online fraudsters, especially the vulnerable.

“I’ve been promoting action against online fraud for three years, but UK consumer protection and fraud investigations are still hopelessly inadequate and out of date. As a result, vulnerable people are exposed to increasingly sophisticated online criminals, creating great distress in the midst of this global crisis.

“The Online Security Act represents a golden opportunity for the government to address this problem by putting in place adequate fraud protection measures. It is unthinkable, however, to miss the chance to remedy the situation. We can’t leave Big Tech, much of which comes from the original Wild West, to the police.

“We urge the government to reconsider this plan. Failure to include fraud in the bill will not only ridicule the promise to create world-leading online safeguards, but also render vulnerable people vulnerable to crime. “


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