Maybe a new side gig?


    We really enjoyed staying at my sister’s cabin near the Great Lakes. It is wonderful. It’s peaceful. It is simply beautiful.

    Or … was nice … until the lines broke.

    But I think if a plumber breaks unexpectedly, a good time is when a plumber is present. My husband was able to fix the immediate problem, but as is common with old cottages in the country, the plumbing problem started a chain reaction of other problems. The flooring had to be renewed, the cabinets had to be removed and replaced, the toilet had to be repaired. If you’ve ever made a living on spring / well water, you know that there is also an intricate system of pumps and water tanks. All of these had to be repaired. When the dust settled, my husband worked 10 hours a day for a week and a half. The cost of materials was $ 1,200, but if my sister had to hire someone to do the actual repairs, it would easily have been $ 10,000.

    She felt awful, of course. We had come to enjoy the lake and he spent most of the time fixing her house, even replacing a few broken lamps and fixing her mower. She phoned her friend, who also has a cabin in the country, explaining what had happened, and her friend said, ‘Are you on your way to Minnesota? I have some urgent need to fix! Please tell me that you are going north! ‘ When my husband and sister were at the hardware store, they were approached by another customer and she asked if my husband was a building contractor (he wears his construction T-shirts everywhere) and if he could do repairs at her place. A few days later a neighbor said he had seen my husband pull in lumber and pipes and wanted to know if my husband was available to do something for him.

    We debated whether he should work here for the rest of our stay. There was clearly a need and we could make some decent money, but with only a week and a half to spend at the cabin (and the fact that we were driving half the country to hang out with our kids and my sister) he turned them all down Inquiries from? . It’s always hard for me not to find ways to make extra money, but I have to be aware that sometimes we need to rest too.

    BUT, we decided to plan a trip next summer just to get some extra work and visit my sister.

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