Meet Bill, an Elevations mortgage loan officer


    Is it time to buy your first home or refinance your existing property? Elevations Credit Union’s mortgage team can help you find the best option for your needs. Loan Officer Bill Rempelos has been supporting Elevations members in the Denver Tech Center Mortgage Loan Office and in Colorado Springs since July 2020. Learn more about his approach to mortgage servicing in this article.

    Putting the members ‘best interests first is in Bill Rempelos’ blood. After all, his grandmother was president of a small Oregon credit union, and his mother later served as vice president of the same organization. After attending college at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to study business administration (finance, economics, and entrepreneurship), Bill also adopted the credit union lifestyle.

    During the pandemic, Bill teamed up with colleague and loan officer Keri Bills to focus on visiting Elevations members in the Colorado Springs area. The two have hosted community give-back events in local cafes and have met with members in parks and restaurants to help boost local business during this challenging time.

    He says the coffee shop pop-ups are a casual way to meet locals and be a resource for the community. “People order and when it is time to pay they are notified, ‘This is being paid for by Keri and Bill from Elevations Credit Union. You’re sitting over there. Have a good day.’ We don’t try to be pushy; We really give something back to the community that makes us grow. It’s that give-first mentality, ”explains Bill.

    Find the right career fit

    Although working for a credit union is in his genes, Bill said he specifically chose Elevations because of its commitment to the local community and a goal of always putting members first.

    “Elevations is such a well-oiled machine that one member benefits almost more than anything else. We look at everything from the member’s point of view. How does that make sense for the member? And does this? Is it something we can do even if it doesn’t fit in the box? ”Bill elaborates. “And we don’t ask, ‘Are we going to make money with it? Can we make money with it quickly? ‘ It is: ‘How can we serve the people?’ ”

    Bill is available to members who go beyond obtaining keys to their home or completing a refinance. After you have signed a loan agreement for 30 to 60 days, you have signed up to manage the loan for 15, 20 or 30 years. He says the best questions people ask is what happens after this the loan is secured. Who should you call if you have any questions? How do they make their payments? What do you do when you have a problem?

    At Elevations, you will always have someone to ask for assistance after it closes. Bill wants to make sure members know what to expect during loan origination and servicing periods and how best to communicate with one another to receive timely and effective assistance.

    Tips for first time home buyers

    When it comes to applying for a mortgage, Bill explains that you are never alone and that you always have a team on hand to help you understand the process.

    “I tell all of my first-time buyers that there are a lot of moving parts and they don’t have to pick everything up in advance,” he adds. Remember that in addition to the Elevations team, you will also have your real estate agent, home insurance and property inspector to assist you.

    He understands that the first call to a loan officer can be overwhelming, so Bill makes sure to ask questions to gauge each member’s level of knowledge and experience with mortgage lending. Then he approaches things step by step.

    “I always assure them that I’m on their team throughout the whole thing and that my goal is to get there with them,” says Bill, explaining the path from the first fact finding to graduation day and beyond.

    Since Elevations is a full-service credit union, Bill is happy to introduce members to bankers who can help them set up a savings account to collect and settle a future down payment on a home, or a CFS * Wealth Management Advisor on raises to manage Debt or to review financial plans when buying investment property or second homes.

    Fun in the sun and community

    When he’s not helping house buyers, Bill spends time in the park with his Mastiff-Lab-German-Danes mix and Border Collie-Lab mix or on the disc golf course. He and his wife have gotten pretty good at outdoor sports and can compete in disc golf tournaments across Colorado.

    When it comes to his own home, Bill is deeply involved in home remodeling and is excited to speak to home buyers about the challenges and benefits of buying a fixer upper. After growing up on a 70 acre coastal cattle ranch, Bill enjoys doing do-it-yourself jobs around his property. His wife loves creating Pinterest boards to aid her with her home updates.

    Bill is also passionate about the Colorado Springs startup community. He enjoys meeting with young companies to help them learn more about running a business and keeping it financially healthy. Of course, he can also help budding entrepreneurs finance their first home (with office space!) Or refer them to a colleague in Elevations’ commercial credit department if they want to open a public storefront.

    You can visit Bill (NMLS # 1608355) by phone, video chat, and in person at both the Denver Tech Center and public places in Colorado Springs. Contact him at (720) 204-7378 or with your questions about the mortgage process.


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