Meet Chris, a CFS * Wealth Management Advisor at Elevations


CUSO Financial Services, LP (“CFS *”) Wealth Management Advisors at Elevations Credit Union are focused on helping members achieve their financial goals. Chris Thorpe has been supporting Elevations members with investment and savings plans since 2019. Learn more about his approach to financial advice and how you can get the most out of this service.

A positive interaction can change the career path. For Chris Thorpe, it was a conversation with a 62-year-old woman who faced financial uncertainty during a divorce.

“I had a bank customer that I had known for a long time, and when she walked in, I noticed that she was a little stressed. She was waiting in the lobby to meet someone. So I started a conversation with her and she almost collapsed. She was worried that she would never retire, ”says Chris, recalling his days as a licensed banker and branch manager.

“I took them to my office and we gathered information. I showed her how to retire at 65. She burst into tears. It gave her a mindset that changed her whole world. When that happened, that was what made me say, ‘I want to do this all day,’ ”says Chris.

He decided to quit his banking career to pursue financial advice and has not looked back since.

Help others plan and increase wealth

Chris supports investors of all ages with a full range of offerings from new parents creating savings plans for their children to retirees who need help distributing 401 (k) funds and everyone in between. If you have a dream about saving or financing, it will be happy to point out the steps it will take to turn these aspirations into a reality.

“My goal is to help you grow and build wealth in a tax-efficient manner and then distribute this wealth in a tax-efficient manner in retirement. And that’s it. We’ll help you plan and increase your wealth, ”explains Chris.

To assist business owners looking to sell their business, Chris has helped structure the sale and invest the proceeds in ways that are most beneficial. He also handles more frequent transactions like selecting IRAs, performing 401 (k) rollovers, setting up emergency savings funds, restructuring finances after a significant life change, and planning large purchases like a new vehicle, kitchen remodel, or first Home.

“You can help your advisor by sharing your intentions and goals for your money so we can really paint a good picture of what it looks like,” he adds.

Chris says being open to these factors helps him bring you the best financial solutions to get the job done. He can help you weigh short or long term investments and set a timeline for your plans. It includes information about what types of financial accounts you have already set up, what your retirement will look like, and how much money to invest initially.

A reassuring career confirmation

As luck would have it, Chris later crossed paths with the woman he had originally advised. She was happy and drove a new car. As they were chatting, he learned that she had decided to work a little longer because she loved her new way of life.

“That’s what I love about being a consultant – giving people that security and helping them understand where they are and what their retirement can be like,” he says.

Not everyone wants to stop working altogether; Some prefer the flexibility to try something new, he explains.

Stay active outside of the office

When he doesn’t have an Elevations member finances strategy, Chris may be working on an old-fashioned table puzzle. After all, he loves solving problems.

Maybe he also plays racquetball or pickleball or packs up for a trip to fly fishing. He lives in Loveland, not far from Rocky Mountain National Park, where crystal clear waters and greenback cutthroats await his role. He practices catch and release while admiring the beauty of the Colorado landscape.

Personally, Chris and his wife recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. The couple raised their six children in northern Colorado for the past 21 years.

Chris meets with Elevations members in various branches: Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins and soon in the new old town of Fort Collins, which opens in the summer of 2021. To discuss your financial goals with Chris, call him at 970.267.7688 or email You can also contact his assistant, Emily McAvoy, at (303) 247-8892 or with questions.


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