Meet Chris, an Elevations mortgage loan officer


    Is It Time To Refinance Your Home? Or are you looking for a new property?

    The Elevations Credit Union mortgage team can assist you with any questions you may have or with a home loan application. Chris Cullen, Mortgage Loan Officer, has worked with Colorado residents as a knowledgeable mortgage loan resource with real estate experience since the early 1990s. Learn more about his approach to home loans at Elevations.

    Growing up, Chris Cullen watched his father make a living in the real estate business. No wonder Chris followed in his father’s footsteps and developed a natural talent for financial services. “I had a minor in real estate in college, and I got my Virginia real estate license right out of college. I’ve always been interested in it, ”says Chris.

    A career path in home and real estate services

    Chris started working in the mortgage industry in 1993 and received his Realtor® Licensed in 1995. Over the years, he has moved into both the mortgage and real estate industries to help people find, sell, and finance the perfect properties. In October 2015, he decided to focus on home loans and joined the Elevations Home Lending team. He offers both home purchases and refinancing with FHA, VA, conventional, jumbo and portfolio loans.

    “One of my strengths is that I know the real estate process and know the sales contract back and forth so that I can help many brokers structure offers or help them with ideas and suggestions,” he adds.

    Chris says he enjoys walking Elevations members through the home loan application and answering questions about the entire buying process, from what to expect from home inspections to understanding points, fees, and credits for a loan.

    Buyers with the fewest contingencies are desirable for sellers, he explains. If you are moving out of a rental home and moving into your first home, selling doesn’t depend on selling a current home, which can be a good sign for sellers. However, if you’re selling your current home to buy the next one, Chris can speak to you about a temporary HELOC so you don’t have to wait for your home to sell to put down a down payment on the new property. It’s these kinds of creative strategies that Chris likes to pursue for members.

    Tips for first time home buyers

    Although he works with a range of buyers – those buying a vacation home or downsizing, or investors buying more property – he is also happy to advise people on first home purchases.

    “I like to share financial advice with them and give them things to think about that they may not have thought of before. I enjoy drafting the loan and just educating borrowers about the process, ”says Chris.

    Chris suggests that first-time home buyers do their best by getting pre-approved mortgage early in the buying process. This document shows your broker® and the seller of the house that you are financially ready for a home loan.

    “It’s so competitive in this market that a pre-approval letter from Elevations matters a lot. We are the leading lender in Boulder County. That carries a lot of weight when the listing agent looks at multiple offers, ”he explains. “I always report to the listing agent and assure him that this horse will essentially make it to the finish line. We shouldn’t have a problem with this loan. I’ll let them know that we’ve already taken out loans, we’ve checked the income, we’ve checked the assets, and it’s all about getting the valuation. ”

    He also says buyers need to be aware of their creditworthiness and how that affects their eligibility and credit options. Increasing these numbers with the guidance of a financial advisor could be the first step in your home buying journey.

    When asked what he likes about working for Elevations, Chris explains that it’s not just about being part of the most respected financial institution in the region. It’s the convenience and real helpfulness of having an in-house underwriting, loan officer, mortgage officer, and a full team of financial professionals available to members to keep everything running smoothly.

    Taking time for family and fun

    When he’s not getting creative with home loans for Elevations members, Chris spends time with his teenage daughter planning trips to see his family in Florida, Seattle, and Maui.

    He also explores many hobbies, including motorcycles and homesteading. His motorcycle adventure has taken him to the Baja Peninsula – from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. He also enjoys home life, taking care of his two beehives, a handful of pet chickens, and a pair of goats in his area about 20 minutes north of Boulder.

    Chris is an avid musician who plays guitar and sings with a local Americana band. He looks forward to future appearances when the pandemic is less of a concern.

    Do you have any further questions about mortgages and refinancing? You can meet with Chris (NMLS # 1424894) at Elevations Credit Union Boulder Diagonal Branch or via video chat. He can also be reached by email at or by phone at (303) 443-4672 x2216.


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