Meet Keri, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer


    Is it time to move, buy an investment property, or restructure your current mortgage? Keri Bills at Elevations Credit Union’s mortgage team can help you find the perfect loan for your new property or refinance. Keri has been serving the home loan needs of Elevations members since October 2020.

    Whether you’re helping members buy their first home or getting into a better financial position with a refinance, mortgage loan officer Keri Bills is up for the challenge. “I just love being part of people’s home buying journey,” she explains. “It’s heartwarming.”

    The first time you chat with Keri, you will find that the mortgage process is so much more than numbers and paperwork. She likes to set the personal and financial goals of the members when structuring a loan.

    She notes that refinancing can help current homeowners better balance their monthly expenses and free up funds to finalize their vacation plans or upgrade their vehicle. She says parents have also tackled refinancing to put money into college savings plans for their children.

    Free education for all homebuyers

    OncThe part of the mortgage process that Keri enjoys most is teaching members about their options and what will happen during the loan process. You may recognize her by one of the first homebuyer seminars she held for Elevations and other organizations in the area. She is happy to answer questions from members and give tips on preparing for a home loan.

    She says she has received calls over a year after working together and is often moved to tears. “They take the advice and then put it into action. And you know, in six months, they could buy a house. It’s just great, ”she adds.

    If you’d like to attend a first-time homebuyer seminar or any of Elevations’ other free finance wellness courses, you can view the schedule here. During the pandemic, all courses are virtual, so you can attend from the comfort of your home.

    According to Keri, it’s never too late to consider becoming a homeowner. “I had a retired couple who had just bought their first home. They always rented and never really thought about it. And then their children say: ‘Y.You should buy a house. ‘It’s not just young families who are first experiencing the excitement of the buying process. It’s just so much fun. ”

    A look into the process

    As an origination-focused loan officer, Keri explains that she is involved in the mortgage process from start to finish. Once you’ve decided to work with her, you’ll also meet her assistant Jessica (who has a background in title work and thesis) and work together as a team to organize things.

    If necessary, Keri is happy to connect with other professionals at Elevations to make the process more efficient and helpful. For example, if you need to prepare a down payment for a future home purchase, she can introduce you to one of the CFS * Wealth Management consultants at Elevations and keep everything in the Elevations family.

    Keri says she is available to members for calls, emails, or visits throughout the process. And she looks forward to sitting at the final table with you to celebrate your new home or to refinance. Rest assured, every day you will have someone familiar with your trip. “I want to make sure people are reassured all the way,” she comments.

    Keri has been specializing in the mortgage industry with credit unions since 2004. Over the years her experience ranged from lending to home equity loans to consumer loans and mortgage refinancing. She is currently introducing Elevations and their home loan offers to Colorado Springs residents.

    Keri is new to the Elevations Mortgage Team and is enjoying her time at Elevations. She admires the respect of the employees and the connections the organization has with the community. “Our CEO is just a solid leader. He really cares. We are his family, the members and his co-workers. He strives every day to ensure that he builds an organization that caters to the needs of everyone, the staff and all members who walk through the door. So it’s fun to be a part of it. ”

    Family, fur babies, and having fun outdoors

    Keri and her fiancé raise their family in Colorado Springs. Her oldest is in Florida nursing school and her youngest is in 8th grade. They are also parents to a cat and three dogs.

    In their free time, the family enjoys hiking and exploring the beautiful hiking trails and lake in their neighborhood, just 15 minutes from the Garden of the Gods. Keri also enjoys reading and photographing her pets.

    If you want to talk to Keri ( NMLS # 4795950 about a home loan or refinance call them at (719) 494-5065 or email She enjoys scheduling video calls or meeting with home buyers and homeowners in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas at local parks, cafes, or at your home. She also plans to meet at the Elevations Mortgage Office at the Denver Tech Center.


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