Meet Lauri, a mortgage loan officer for Elevations


    Whether you’re starting your first home purchase, adding an investment property to your portfolio, buying a vacation home or considering refinancing, loan officer Lauri Larson from Elevations Credit Union’s mortgage team is there to help. Lauri works at the Boulder Diagonal Branch, where she has helped members across Colorado for the past nine years. Learn more about their personalized approach to mortgage loan from this post.

    With over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, Lauri enjoys educating members about the best credit to help meet their short and long term goals. Before joining the Elevations team, she worked as a financial planner and investment advisor, corporate treasurer, CFO and mortgage lender. She loves real estate and decided to focus on her affinity for mortgage loan making with Elevations Credit Union.

    Lauri Larson explores the whole picture. Buying a home affects every aspect of life, and Lauri believes it should make the trip better – not a burden. She strongly believes that any loan should help the member get ahead in life and meet their financial goals. “I want the home to support you and not make you feel like you have to do anything to support the home,” she explains.

    One of the first questions she asks applicants for both refinancing and new home purchases is: How long do you want to stay in the home? This question helps Lauri adapt the credit structure and payments to her lifestyle. “Are you going to live there for five years and then invest in something else, or is this your home forever? There are different strategies for financing and how you want to repay the loan, ”she adds. “It is also important to consider where you are in your life. Is this home a stepping stone or your long term residence to raise your family? Would you like it to complement your retirement savings? “

    Lauri gets creative with her credit and communication

    “I work with first-time buyers and jumbo borrowers as well as experienced investors and I love the variety. It’s a great spectrum. I helped my two children buy their first homes in Colorado and I can also connect with investors as I own rental property. I tend to collect real estate like a girl buying a new pair of shoes. Ha! “She giggles and says with a smile.

    “The fun of work is the different ways you communicate effectively with people,” she notes. Lauri will ask if buyers are more focused on numbers or concepts. If she loves numbers, she will first dive deep into that aspect of the loan to make a connection. On the flip side, some prefer to talk about the characteristics of their dream home and how that investment fits into larger life plans. Whichever approach to communication works best, she will guide you through the mortgage process in their own language.

    Lauri also provides ample security and support to members. She insists if you have any questions please ask. Neither is trivial or silly. It is common for a home buying question to come up more than once as more information emerges or changes, especially for first time buyers or those looking to make a purchase before selling their current home.

    Helping home buyers make informed decisions

    “My goal in lending is not to experience any surprises for the borrower. A lot of due diligence is carried out in the front end. I want them to have a smooth process once they sign a new home purchase so that there are no issues in the eleventh hour, ”she notes. “In all of my years here at Elevations, I’ve never written a pre-approval that wasn’t completed due to credit issues. I’m very proud of that. It shows the care and quality that my team and I have put into this process. “

    Lauri says Elevations has an excellent reputation in the mortgage market and in the local community. In addition to first-class prices and low fees, the company places great value on service and communication. “We want our members to be happy with the lending process,” she says.

    Time in nature and with the family makes her happy

    Lauri craves time outdoors when she’s not helping Elevations members move or refinance a loan. “I love every street I’ve never been on, so I’m a sucker for new streets just to look at and see what is out,” she laughs.

    Lauri has lived in Colorado for over 29 years and says spending time outdoors – be it hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, camping, or fishing – keeps her on the ground. “We couldn’t have a better playground in Colorado. It’s just phenomenal. Enjoying these family activities makes it even better. “

    Lauri (NMLS # 287525) works from the Boulder Diagonal Branch. To discuss your personal funding options, please email them at or call them at (303) 402-5451.


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