Meet Peggy, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer


Are you thinking of owning a home? Or are you thinking of refinancing your home? Peggy Kramer from Elevations Credit Union’s mortgage team will be happy to assist you with lending and find the best loan for your needs. Peggy can meet with members of the Fort Collins Midtown Branch at South College or through virtual chat.

Peggy loves puzzles. When an Elevations member comes to her with a vision, she works to put all the financial elements together to send the loan application to underwriting. From there, the Elevations team can work its magic and make home ownership (or money-saving refinancing) a reality.

She works with all types of dorm enthusiasts, but has recently seen an increase in those making their first leap into home ownership. “I love working with first-time buyers because they get excited and make me want to stay in check,” she comments. These first-timers help Peggy slow down the lending process, make it more precise, and articulate it in an easy-to-understand way. This is a refreshing challenge that ultimately leads them to help all of their clients understand the mortgage process.

She not only guides the members on their way to buying their own homes, but is also not afraid to share her enthusiasm for the day off. “It’s like the end-of-trial party,” she laughs. Peggy loves when members get their keys, pack their papers, and have the joy of making a well-planned purchase that fuels their dreams and goals.

For members considering a new mortgage or refinance, Peggy works hard to build a trusting relationship and a comfortable space for discussing personal finances. “For us to do our job right, you need to be an open book and prepare to talk about your loans, earnings, and assets … and be realistic,” she notes. “I think a lot of people are afraid to talk about money.”

The best part about being a mortgage loan advisor

Being a mortgage loan officer is not a profession where you just check boxes and type in numbers. You have to make the loan work, and that requires creative troubleshooting – a process Peggy loves about her career. She likes to work hard to help members improve their credit ratings so they can qualify for a better loan rate. She also helps some members clean up their finances in preparation for a future loan application.

“Not every file is exactly the same. I like to try to make things work, ”she explains. “We’re taking the member from point A to point Z, and along the way we may have to work on improving creditworthiness or getting an in-game deposit. We’re figuring out how to get all of these pieces to click to get to the final table. ”

In addition to qualifying home buyers for loans, Peggy pays close attention to how to improve each member’s monthly cash flow and how a home purchase or refinance will affect them in the years to come.

“I am a person with numbers. If I can put her in a better financial position, I like to see it that way, ”she explains. “If it’s a refinance and it doesn’t make sense, I’ll tell you. We see it differently and try to get them to think about their financial future (college for kids, retirement, etc.) – what does that look like and how does a refinance fit in with it? Because everything fits together. ”

It’s no surprise Peggy was the kid who loved taking math lessons at school. At first she thought she was going to become a certified personal accountant and tested these waters while studying. After graduating, she decided that working in the financial sector was more personal – with fewer spreadsheets and less data entry.

Adapting to their personal values

Peggy joined the Elevations Mortgage team in November 2017. Prior to that, she worked for 13 years as a mortgage loan officer in the wealthy private customer sector of a global bank.

During many career trips, Peggy wanted more satisfaction from her job. When her employer moved in a new direction, she decided to look for an opportunity that better suited her belief system. “I wanted to work in a company that had more of my moral values ​​and I wanted to do more for the community,” she explains. “Elevations is a non-profit organization. When I first started looking at the organization, that drew me to Elevations more than any other company. ”

Peggy is behind Elevations’ commitment to putting the member’s needs first and empowering the entire community through volunteering. Elevations is incredibly active with several nonprofits and educational initiatives along the Front Range, including Realities for Children and Food Bank for Larimer County, organizations Peggy is happy to support.

Life is not all about numbers

If she’s not putting together the perfect member loans, you might hear Peggy talk about her outdoor adventures. She and her husband enjoy cycling, playing pickleball with their daughter, or planning their next dive, preferably in Mexico.

Peggy also enjoys watching shows like “This Old House” and thinking about how she would approach the remodeling. She is proud to say that she has tackled many home improvement projects over the years, including laying tile.

“I love to remodel. It’s pretty cool to go in, look at a house and say, “OK, I’ll do that.” And think of a riddle again. Right? Right. Can i blow this wall “She explains. Of course, she’s hired help with the bigger projects, but she’s always happy to see the snapshots of a job well done before and after work.

To speak to Peggy Kramer NMLS # 667668 about your mortgage needs, you can call her at (970) 231-6787 or email She also sees members in person at the Fort Collins Midtown Branch and schedules virtual video calls.


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