Meet Sabrina, a mortgage officer at Elevations


    Whether you’re buying your first home, considering an investment property, or refinancing your current property, Elevations Credit Union’s mortgage team can assist you with your financing needs. Mortgage Officer Sabrina Lee has been helping Colorado residents secure funding for over 30 years. Learn more about their approach to home loans from this article.

    Sabrina Lee believes anyone can become a homeowner. It cannot happen right away and the process may require coaching, but the dream of owning a home is achievable.

    “Here you need a professional like me to help you. You might not qualify today, but we’re going to explore what you need to do so you can qualify in six months or a year or two. I have the patience to educate you through the process and help you improve your financial condition so you can buy a home, ”explains Sabrina. “I firmly believe that almost everyone, with rare exceptions, can buy a house at some point. My goal is to educate you and guide you through the whole process so that you can achieve your dreams. ”

    A career in banking and housing

    Sabrina began her career in financial services in 1981 in savings and credit business as a part-time bank clerk. She worked her way up to branch manager and eventually moved to a mortgage department as a clerk and then as a loan officer. She joined Elevations in January 2012 to fund home loans and refinancing, and she has not looked back.

    She says she loves the members and the loyalty they show to Elevations and the Longmont community. The credit union management and loan service are also top notch. Sabrina notes, “People come to us because they hate their mortgage lender. That’s a big difference between a credit union and a bank. We build relationships with our members. ”

    Over the years, Sabrina has experienced the ups and downs of the housing market and how the economy can affect the mortgage industry and the lives of Colorado residents. She has learned to ride the waves and keep member well-being at the forefront of every transaction.

    “When choosing a mortgage product, we consider what is in the member’s best interests. We want to do what’s right for you. Absolutely, ”she comments. “It gives me the greatest pleasure to help people who didn’t think they could buy a house or help people with refinancing options with their financial needs.”

    Prepare a mortgage or refinance

    It’s no secret that Sabrina appreciates the convenience of modern technology when it comes to lending. She encourages any member who is comfortable behind a keyboard to fill out the mortgage application online.

    But she also loves visiting people in person to gauge her understanding of the process and to build a relationship. She understands that the process of buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first time buyers, and is slowing down to make sure members really understand the information she’s sharing and don’t feel overwhelmed.

    Sabrina is happy to help members see that there is more to life than a mortgage payment. She helps them assess their overall life picture and other commitments to determine how much of a home loan makes sense in their budget. She says a good rule of thumb is not to use more than 25 to 33% of your income on your mortgage or rental costs. Sabrina offers members honest, sensible scenarios to help them figure out if it is the right time to buy a home or what they could do to get a home in a few years.

    “I’ll tell you quickly whether it’s for the best or not. And they love that. My members are close to my heart. I have years of experience helping people understand the options available to them, ”she says. “It really gives them that eye-opening experience and then is ready for the unexpected. For current homeowners, I love improving their financial health by refinancing their current mortgage. I want everyone to have their dreams come true. ”

    It is also clear that the aftercare Sabrina offers members is valued. After work, she will be happy to answer questions about understanding the first property tax invoice or about changing insurance companies. Because questions are always welcome, no matter where you are. Elevations also offers mortgage resources online.

    “Communication is the be-all and end-all when buying a house. Having someone available instead of speaking to someone on 1-800 makes a huge difference. This willingness to talk to our members and train them is what sets us apart, ”explains Sabrina.

    Life Beyond the Mortgage Team

    When she’s not monitoring interest rates or helping members find the best loan for their lifestyle, Sabrina and her husband are most likely off to visit their two children and five grandchildren who live in Colorado.

    “Our main goal is to travel as much as possible,” she laughs before rattling off a list of scenic destinations. “My bucket list is that I want to stay in all 50 states. I have no idea how many states I’ve spent the night in, but I’ve already got through most of them. ”

    Just this year she spent some time in Hawaii, New Orleans and Mexico. She hopes to come to Europe this fall, if the pandemic subsides by then, to explore possible overseas travel destinations for retirement.

    Ready to Buy or Refi? You can visit Sabrina (NMLS # 257330) at Elevations Credit Union Longmont Main Branch. She can also be reached via video chat, phone, and email. Don’t hesitate to contact them with your mortgage queries at and (720) 652-7115.


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