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    from Hope

    My mental wellbeing has been challenged in ways that I have never experienced before and as a result I am fighting on all fronts. It has had an impact on my upbringing, my job, my finances, my decision making … my whole life. (Yes, it has to do with my now 4 year old relationship.)

    As a result, I spent money that I didn’t want to spend … two trips out of town. You literally decided and planned on the same day.

    I struggle to keep my faith and joy in a relationship that was so strong and such a turning point in my life, but I’m drowning at the same time.

    Emotions overwhelm me and I am so isolated when it comes to “grown-up” things. It was really very difficult. Like walking through a fog all the time.

    I can identify so well with the last few posts from Beks about stress, being alone and the like. While I haven’t really shopped, I have certainly spent money I hadn’t planned on, and more so, without any kind of planning.

    Every day I feel like I am relaxing and being myself again, completing my long-ago to-do list and catching up at work. And every day I lose How pathetic.

    I cut my hair off (see picture above) thanks to my daughter who is in cosmetology school.

    I canceled my unused gym membership.

    I’ve opened and closed my budget worksheet so many times it’s just plain stupid.

    I’m faltering, big time.

    But I’ll get through that too. I just wanted to jump up and tell you the reason for my MIA status. Prayers appreciated. I’m slowly on my way to be myself again.


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