Million Miler Programs: What You Need To Know


Do you want to become a frequent flyer “millionaire”? You may not know, but you could be well on your way to becoming a mile millionaire using the currency of your favorite frequent flyer program.

Some airlines offer million mile programs that will allow you to track your miles throughout your life. These programs reward customers with million mile status who have achieved certain benchmarks with nice perks to thank them for their loyalty.

How it works

The way each airline deals with million miles status is different, and each airline offers different perks for each tier within their tier ranks.

Earning a million miles in your frequent flyer balance is not the same as achieving million mile status. Frequent flyer programs, while an admirable feat, differ in the types of miles that count towards a flyer’s million-mile balance. Any miles you earn (or redeem) may not qualify for this unique tier of status.

If you are one million milers, you will automatically be granted elite status. This is especially valuable now as programs for upgrades and perks become more competitive. Here is an overview of how each frequent flyer program defines this coveted achievement and what to expect when you reach that milestone.

Participating domestic airlines

Alaska Airlines

Mileage plan members can score Million Miler Status after actually flying with at least a million miles Alaska Airlines. Miles are calculated based on the distance traveled on each flight. Partner flight activity and bonus mileage earnings do not count towards the accumulation of million mile status. You can track Alaska miles towards million mile status on your account activity page.

  • Members get one million miles MVP Gold status for life and a free meal or picnic package when meals are served in the main cabin on Alaskan flights.

  • With two million miles, members receive lifelong MVP Gold 75K status.

American Airlines

When you hit the million mile mark, here’s what you get:

  • With one million miles you will receive AAdvantage Gold status for the duration of the program and a bonus of 35,000 AAdvantage miles.

  • With two million miles, you will receive AAdvantage Platinum status for the duration of the program and four system-wide, one-way upgrades.

  • For every additional million miles, you will receive four system-wide, one-way upgrades.

The highest Elite status that you can earn with American above million miler status is AAdvantage Platinum; If you fly more than two million miles, you will only receive more upgrade certificates and not a higher status.

Delta Airlines

Delta’s Million Miler Program is a rich offer with “free annual Medallion status”Awarded to those who meet million mile thresholds. Interestingly, Delta didn’t use the word “lifespan” which seems to give the airline more headroom for future changes, but right now it’s a generous benefit year on year.

For starters, delta counts all Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) earned for million mile status (including those from partner flights through paid travel or credit card spending). Delta makes that clear Calculation of MQMs at partner airlines on his website.

Counting all MQMs on million mile status is more generous than other airlines that rely only on distance flown (or just their own flights). If you purchase a premium cabin ticket that gives you bonus MQMs, they will count towards your million mile status. In addition, if you earn MQMs than Bonus based on credit card spend, that would count too.

You can track your million miles qualification from the My SkyMiles page of your account.

  • With one million miles you will receive free annual silver medallion status and a thank you, which you can select on the Delta website.

  • Get two million miles for free annual gold medallion status and a thank you.

  • With three million miles you will receive an additional thank you.

  • Get four million miles for free annual platinum medallion status and a thank you.

Delta does not award its highest diamond medallion status through its million mile program. Note: According to their website, the gift benefit is currently paused but will resume at some point.

United Airlines

The MileagePlus Million Miler Program awards its frequent fliers quite generously once they have reached the million-mile threshold. Mileage towards million mile status is based on the distance flown only on paid United and United Express flights. Partner flights are not eligible. You can track mileage in the “My Account” area of ​​

This may seem less generous than American and Delta, but United bestows its most coveted Global Services status through the Million Mile Program. That should be enough incentive for frequent fliers to keep an eye on flying United.

  • With one million miles, you and a companion will receive lifetime Premier Gold status.

  • With two million miles you will earn 35,000 bonus miles and you and a companion will earn Premier Platinum status for life.

  • Get three million miles and earn 35,000 bonus miles and earn Premier 1K lifetime status for you and a companion.

  • With four million miles you will receive 40,000 bonus miles and you and a companion will earn Global Services status for life.

  • With five million miles (and every million after that) you will receive 50,000 bonus miles.

In addition, this program is perhaps the most generous of the major US airlines. A companion receives the same status for life – a two-for-one advantage.

The final result

These types of million mile programs are an added incentive to keep travelers connected with an airline. You don’t have to do anything to sign up. As long as you are a member of a frequent flyer program, your eligible miles will be recorded for your promotion to become a millionaire. a milestone millionaire, that is.


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