Mindy Diamond on Independence: How to Use Content Marketing


    Every consultant and business owner is looking for new ways to expand their reach and achieve greater growth.

    It has been almost two decades since Mindy Diamond happened to discover a powerful “growth engine”.

    And it has been such a turning point for her company that she is eager to discuss key concepts and experiences that consultants and business owners alike can easily adapt to reach their clients.

    Because as Mindy shares with Louis Diamond in this episode, it was the submission of her first article at Registered agent Magazine (now Asset management) that introduced Diamond Consultants and paved the way for what was to follow: the development of a “content marketing machine” that would become a growth engine for their business.


    Content marketing is about using your unique insights, perspectives and knowledge and converting them into different sizes and forms of communication for dissemination on different platforms – such as: B. Your website, media websites, social media and more.

    It is a strategic initiative that many consultants – especially those in the independent field – have taken to reach customers and prospects “where they are”.

    Ultimately, as Mindy says, it is more about “sharing knowledge” than “marketing” and developing a consistent practice of sharing knowledge across platforms including:

    • Getting started in building a content marketing strategy – and how to implement it in a relevant, relatable, and high quality way.
    • Content marketing as a differentiator – and how it can create an advantage by showing customers and prospects how you think and work.
    • The ability to drive growth through content – and how a smart, strategic content marketing plan can increase awareness and brand awareness.
    • The value of authenticity – and why it is important to demonstrate not only knowledge but also values.
    • The power of the internet – and how the “content lifecycle” continues well beyond initial release, accessible via social media sharing, search engine results, video and podcast channels, text-post links, email and more.

    In a world where reaching people one-on-one has become more difficult – and cold calling has been ruled dead by companies like Merrill Lynch – the ability to communicate is en masse has become more important than ever.

    As Mindy says, “Developing a content marketing program has allowed us to grow exponentially than humans in the number of people we influence over the year.”

    It’s a powerful episode that helps counselors start their own marketing program and share tips for those who have already embarked on the journey.

    Download the transcript of this episode …

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    Mindy Diamond is the CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, NJ, a nationally recognized boutique search and advisory firm in the financial services industry.


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