Money for nothing and the chicks for free


Dire Straits [above] with Mark Knopfler [middle]


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Money for nothing and the chicks for free

Backstory: This classic rock song was published in June 1985 and is carried out by
Dire Straits and Sting. The song is about rock star excess and the supposedly simpler one lifestyle
this rock star brings; compared to a real one 9 to 5 job. mark Knopfler [the lead singer]
wrote this song after listening Deliverer in a New York City Department store complain
about their work while watching MTV on a shop television. Mark wrote the song in the store
while he was at a kitchen exhibition. Almost all of the lyrics were things that did this
Delivery men actually said each other (including the fagot and chimpanzee references).

In other words, the song was written from the point of view of stupid characters (this one) Delivery
) who think so Musician make their «money for nothing» … Even stupidity is what leads
these men to make some ignorant statements; all of which were included in these lyrics.
Note: Sting is also credited with writing this song. «Chicks for Free» are them female groupies.

PS: The following video was one of the first to include computer generated animation
The video shows the different items that these deliverers have delivered to different customers.

Dire Straits => «Money for nothing official video» (Released June 24, 1985)


Dire Straits => «Money For Nothing Lyrics» (by Marco)

Dire Straits And Sting => “Money for nothing @ Live Aid concert 1985”(JFK Stadium in Philadelphia)


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