Mother-son partnership that pays off


    Cullen said, “It’s been a real benefit to have worked with her for the past 10 years and actually being able to buy the other 50% instead of her 50%. It worked out very well and we were lucky enough to buy a couple of books on the side.

    “For the first five years it was torture to take my leaks and learn a little from everything. And then, in 2014-15, I got the opportunity to get a ledger in another city, so I could switch that and work on it before I got a ownership stake. Things grew out of that. “

    Cullen admits that there were some initial concerns from a family dynamic perspective, but that they were able to maintain a good work partnership and mother-son relationship. He added, “Everything was smooth. We listen to each other, we disagree, and we agree. We work as a team and always reach our goal efficiently. “

    In going from college to business owner, Cullen has done some hard work – and learned valuable lessons in the process. He told WP that “do what you say, what you will do” is a mantra that has stayed with him while preaching simplicity. He’s also learned the importance of having confidence in yourself and in what you’re trying to do.

    He also believes it’s important to listen to colleagues and those around you. He said, “That doesn’t mean they are always right; nor does it mean that they are always wrong. But take in as much information as you can and borrow or steal from it to build your process through other people’s experiences. “


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