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    April 15, 2021 | Crystal paine

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    Do you have a repetitive soundtrack in your head that repeats negative things and holds you back? Many of us do it – often without realizing it!

    Jon Acuff joins me on the podcast this week to share how he discovered these soundtracks in his own life, how they negatively affected him, and how choosing a new soundtrack changed his life.

    Jon is a bestselling author and motivational speaker. In recent years he has spent a lot of time observing and examining how the way we think affects our beliefs and actions.

    In this interview, we talk about his method of identifying and replacing broken soundtracks (he shares some great questions to wonder if what is playing in your head when repeated is a soundtrack you should hear!) Has changed his approach and made such a difference in his life.

    No matter where you are in life, I think this episode is going to challenge you in a really good way!

    In this episode:

    [00:33] Can you imagine who my special guest is?

    [01:50] Jon shares his background and how he became a writer and speaker.

    [03:53] What a soundtrack that is for Jon.

    [05:41] How he applied the message of this book to the actual writing of this book.

    [08:50] Handy ways to move your soundtrack around.

    [12:19] What happens after you’ve identified your broken soundtracks?

    [16:13] How do you choose the soundtracks that you want to hear and change?

    [18:24] One of his favorite chapters from the book.

    [20:41] What do you do when the stress creeps in?

    [23:17] His thoughts on losing an opportunity and how he worked through it.

    [25:00] The only thing he hopes people will take out of his book.

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