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    So I’ve already confessed that my lack of weekly goals over the past year affected my goals as a whole. As in, I barely made any of these, and even forgot most of the ones I set because I didn’t check them weekly. Oops!

    In 2022 I’m not just pledging to set weekly goals again, I’m just setting myself 7 goals for this year to keep it simple – especially since I’m pregnant and due in June we’re very hopeful with that Baby D adoption is this year and I’m finishing my next book draft.

    Here are my goals for 2022:

    I myself

    1. Review the 5 studies “She Reads the Truth” for the year. (I loved going back through these studies for the last year, but I realized that it is better for me to go much slower than they should set the pace. I usually take 2-4 days every day and that is worked out fine for me so I really soak up the verses and learn from the passages.)

    2. Complete at least 4 books a month. (Last year I set myself the bold goal of reading three books a week. In the end, I missed that badly. So this year I decided to set a much more realistic goal. I hope to exceed that goal many times over But we’ll see! and if you missed it, I set myself monthly goals instead of yearly reading goals – and I’m really excited about that approach!)

    3. Complete at least 1 craft per month. (I plan to use some of the craft kits I got from Annie’s Creative Girls’ Club and Annie’s Creative Woman Craft Club. Since so many of you guys bought the amazing deals I posted from them, you got me for both subscriptions signed up as a thank you! Crafting isn’t my talent, but I find it relaxing and challenging creative parts of my brain that I don’t use very often!)


    4. Have a monthly date with each of the three older children. (I plan for the kids to help me decide what to do each month. I love hanging out with my kids, and I value our time together even more as they get older.)

    5. Read 10 books aloud to Kierstyn and Baby D. (I would read a Bible story from the Jesus Storybook Bible and a chapter from a reading book every afternoon before their nap. Although they are small and a lot of it goes over their heads, I love establishing this habit when my children are young so that it becomes an important part of their family culture for the most formative years of their lives. I also enjoy it!)


    6. Have a monthly date with Jesse. (Though we’re hoping to get a real date night with multiple young children on occasion, we want to be realistic … so we plan to have at least one date night in a box kit at home every month – even if we can’t make it every month Month for a real date).

    Save money mom

    7. Finish my next book draft. (The first draft will be submitted to my publisher in mid-February. Then we go through several editorial rounds before it goes to the printer. Publication is planned for spring 2023!)

    Have you set yourself goals for 2022? Then I would be very happy about your goals! Share them in the comments!

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