My Morrisons app gives you instant cash from your grocery store


    With the new My Morrisons loyalty app, you can start making instant money in your grocery store with offers based on what you really want.

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    my Morrisons app

    Ad feature written in collaboration with Morrisons

    There’s a great and easy way to save money on your grocery store at Morrisons.

    Downloading the My Morrisons app gives you weekly access to offers and coupons.

    In addition, these offers are tailored to things that you will actually take advantage of, rather than random discounts that are of no interest.

    See how we work with the My Morrisons app as well as our 40 euro menu and grocery store.

    My Morrisons app

    personalized offers my morrisons

    Morrisons first launched the Match and More Card in 2014. The idea was for you to collect points to get cash from your grocery store later.

    However, they noticed that we prefer instant money and can now save instantly and weekly at the grocery store.

    Therefore, Morrisons launched the My Morrisons loyalty program, which allows us to receive discounts and rewards immediately.

    You can make huge savings with weekly personalized offers, and that is exactly what we did.

    Personalized offers

    Everyone gets different offers as everything is based on what you actually buy. That way you get money from things you do Really want.

    The more you scan your My Morrisons card at checkout, the more personal the offers will be for you.

    For example, for a new shop we had:

    • € 3 discount on a € 30 shop
    • 15% discount on frozen fries, frozen vegetables or frozen potatoes
    • 10% discount on whole chickens or chicken breasts, wings and legs
    • 10% discount on bath and shower gels & soaps
    • 20% discount on dried pasta or rice

    In other weeks I’ve also seen discounts on fresh fruit and vegetables, muesli and money from bread.

    Not only do the discounts apply to branded products, but you can use them on Morrisons private label products as well. In addition, the offers work in addition to all other offers in store.

    I really love saving money on things I want and buy.

    For the best savings, I check out the digital coupons in the app or on the Morrisons website before creating our menu for the week.

    This way we can be sure of getting the best overall discount.

    Once you have created your shopping list, you must activate the offers on the website or in the app before paying.

    Then simply scan your digital card directly from the app when you check out or keep using your Morrisons More card.

    All of your discounts are applied automatically and you save instantly.

    Morrison’s £ 40 meal plan

    £ 40 shopping at Morrisons

    Using the Morrisons app offers, we planned a week’s dinner for a family of four.

    At the cash register it was € 41.71. However, with the Morrisons More Discount we saved £ 5.17 and reduced the shop to £ 36.54.

    We did the following:

    Morrison's receipt
    DayEnjoy the mealingredients
    MondayMixed bean chilli with riceCans of red kidney beans and mixed beans, a can of tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, rice (20% discount on rice). Spices from the closet.
    TuesdayBurgers, wedges and cornGround beef, egg, burger buns, frozen potato wedges, frozen sweet corn (15% discount on frozen vegetables).
    WednesdayCarbonaraBacon, spaghetti (20% on dried noodles), eggs, milk, kidney beans. Cheddar cheese from a week before.
    ThursdayChicken fajitas with riceChicken breast (10% discount on chicken), peppers, onions, wraps, rice (20% discount on rice). Spices from the closet.
    FridayFish, chips and mushy peasHaddock, frozen chips (15% off frozen chips), frozen peas (15% off frozen vegetables).
    SaturdayBake meatball noodlesMinced meat, 2 cans of tomatoes, mushrooms, kidney beans, corn (15% on frozen vegetables), carrots, fusilli pasta (20% on dried pasta), red peppers.
    SundayRoast chicken with all the trimmingsWhole chicken (10% off chicken), potatoes, sage and onion filling, carrots, peas (15% off frozen vegetables), broccoli, Yorkshire pudding. Sauce from the cupboard.

    We always make sure that we have basic ingredients like flour, oils and spices.

    Since we only use a small amount for each meal, we don’t have to buy these things week after week.

    We’re not going to use the whole pack of spaghetti for something like the carbonara, so we’ll have some reserve for a week to come as well.

    My morrisons

    In addition to offering you personalized digital coupons to save money on your grocery store, My Morrisons offers so much more.

    Manage your shopping list

    Instead of writing your shopping list on a piece of paper (and then leaving it on the kitchen counter! Does anyone else do that ?!), you can manage your shopping list directly from the My Morrisons app.

    Click on Account in the bottom bar and you will find the shopping lists there.

    Add what you want to buy and the app will show you the products to pick up in the store.

    Don’t worry about how you put everything in because when you’re done you can sort the list by location in the store so you can easily know what to get from and where.

    You can check off the items when shopping. It makes shopping a little easier and smoother.

    Useful services

    The app also keeps all information at hand in one place. You can use the app to find your nearest store or gas station.

    You can also order takeaway from Morrisons Cafe or order through their EatFresh meals or grocery boxes.

    My Morrisons clubs

    The My Morrisons app acts as a central hub for other rewards and treats.

    You can join different clubs for additional special offers.

    If you work for the NHS, you can join the NHS Club and receive 10% off any shop in a Morrisons store, plus offers and special goodies.

    For teachers, you can get money from coupons, contests, and free products.

    There is a baby club for parents that offers special offers on baby products and treats for members only.

    You have the Christmas Savings Club to save on extra money you could spend in December and a student club that helps university students get discounts.

    Download the My Morrisons app

    If you are new to Morrisons More, you can register online at

    Download the My Morrisons app from the Android or Apple store.

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