My reading goals for January


    Over the past few years I’ve picked a long list and pile of books to read this year. I’ve found this list to be hard to stick to because I keep finding so many other books to read, and this initial list makes me kind of guilty for not sticking through it.

    Instead of trying this approach again, I’ll experiment with something else in 2022: I will set myself monthly reading goals. At the beginning of the month, I pick a batch of books that I want to read this month and focus on reading those books for the entire month.

    This is how I create space for the many new or new titles that I discover throughout the year. Plus, I can choose fewer books to read in the months that I know it’s going to be busy.

    My book list for January

    Here is my book list for January and why I picked each title. (Note: inclusion on this list doesn’t mean I recommend or endorse the book as I haven’t read it yet! So read at your own discretion and look for my weekly book review post to hear my honest thoughts on each title !)

    Take a rest girl

    This is a book by Jami Amerine, subtitled «A Journey From Exhausted and Stressed to Totally Blessed». I’ve enjoyed Jami’s books in the past and thought this would be great read to start the year!

    Fight forward

    I really appreciated Hannah Brencher’s book, come here, and have had this book on my shelf for a few months, waiting to be read.

    Under a scarlet sky

    So many of you have highly recommended this book, and it is high time I finally read it. I wanted to pick a really good fiction book to start the year!

    The flirt experiment

    It’s been a while since I’ve read a book about marriage and this one looked good! We’re celebrating 19 years of marriage in January and I can always use a refresher and encouragement!

    They call me mom

    This title was suggested by Katie Reid and I am delighted to read it. As far as I know, this is a family that said yes to step down by faith and open their homes to a number of children who needed families. Also, I think any mom who raises 14 kids is likely to have a lot of wisdom to share!


    A friend encouraged me to read this book as it is the story of a mother who gives birth to a baby with Down syndrome and her honest first year coping with this unexpected news – grieving, learning, and finding joy . I’m halfway through and have thought a lot about Baby D’s mother and what it must have been like for her to find out that her son had Down syndrome after he was born. It has given me a lot more empathy and compassion for her and many other mothers who have walked and are walking a similar path.

    The story of you

    I’ve really benefited from Ian Cron’s other books and was very interested in reading this one. I’m in a couple of chapters and I’m learning a lot … although I have some disagreements on some things, too. (What’s new ??!)

    Win the day

    I love and learn a lot from Mark Batterson’s books so I look forward to learning many things from this book!

    The woman they couldn’t silence

    This book was selected by Sharon says that on Instagram for her last book club. I wasn’t a member of the book club, but the title intrigued me. I’ve read a few chapters so far and I’m not sure what to make of them, but I’m excited to read the rest!

    Every day after lunch, I read aloud to Kierstyn and Baby D before they nap. We read a few picture books and repeat our ABC memory verses and then read 5-10 pages from a chapter book plus a chapter from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

    This month we’re reading Dancing Through the Snow – a book I thought we might like because it’s about foster care. I’m curious what I think of it.

    Audiobooks I want to listen to

    I enjoy listening to audiobooks while I cook, clean, or drive. I get everything for free at Hoopla or Libby. This month I plan to listen to The Way it Should Be and The Paris Library – both of which have been highly recommended by some of you!

    What do you plan / hope to read in January? I would love to hear!

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